The importance of peace


achamila press – a report: Murtaza Al-Shammaria

The importance of peace The availability of peace and harmony in the country is of great importance, and among the things that peace achieves: [1] Stability and societal growth: Peace provides society with a peaceful and stable system, in addition to being a necessary condition for the continuity and development of mankind; The world, deprived of peace, will collapse and return, like the ancient times, which were filled with injustice and in which the weak were prey to the stronger. Economic and cultural development of nations: The existence of peace in the state is essential to enable individuals to be creative in several fields, such as the economic and cultural fields, in addition to providing real security that leads to prosperity and comfort for society. Conflict resolution and handling: Peace is the ideal way to deal with and resolve conflicts in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the principles and values ​​of individuals and states, and thus the well-being of society and human beings in general can be achieved. Building and Sustaining Civilizations: Peace has a long-term value at the level of civilizations and individuals; As the existence of peace contributes to the continuity of different civilizations, and there are many cultures that disappeared after their emergence for a period and were forgotten due to the wars or conflicts in their regions and their demise. Safety Peace is one of the most important things in life for human beings in general and for future generations in particular, as the place in which peace comes there is safety and thus the existence or escalation of violence and terrorism is avoided if it exists in the first place. This is through the formation of a peaceful and stable international environment to achieve social development in the state, in addition to the need for investments in the areas of health, education and participation, especially for the youth in society.[2] Ways to achieve peace Global peace and prosperity can be achieved through the realization of five basic freedoms for all human beings. In the world, these freedoms are: freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom from want and poverty, freedom for the environment, freedom from fear, and of course there is a need for other rights and freedoms, but these five freedoms are the basic ones that can be achieved through the creation of societies in which there is prosperity and peace and respect for human rights, as they are considered the essence of a good life for all. Education, and health care for everyone regardless of a person’s religion or his own beliefs, so everyone can live in peace without fear of crimes or wars.

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