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objectives of vocational rehabilitation of all members of society in all categories, including the development of specialized training programs for the integration of prisoners. To talk about this topic, we will divide the beneficiaries into two parts.

Let us define it with the people who have completed the execution of the punishment, and these people will not talk about them in detail, meanwhile they will be ordinary citizens who have completed rehabilitation during the punishment period. Only simplified programs will be developed to benefit from them and their experiences in society, whether psychological or professional.

In this section, which is the main focus of attention, the rehabilitation, training of inmates who are still in the period of punishment, by giving them a new opportunity after they lost their way and their freedom . Sociologists confirm that providing prisoners with meaningful work, and training in work techniques that are compatible with their qualifications ; all lead to appear new values for them in keeping with social controls and standards.
Two-thirds of prisoners re-offend within three years of leaving prison. This is often done with more serious and violent crimes, but this is not a fixed rule and prisoners can be rehabilitated to start their lives again in society, by continuing education, training and rehabilitation inside prison : it will be as a new opportunity for life
The re-education, rehabilitation and intensive training program for high-risk prison inmates helps to reduce the level of violence in prison to zero within a year. Obtaining a vocational training certificate during the prison period is the only program that has proven to be 100% effective, over the years or decades, in preventing a return to crime because of the benefits and rewards that will accrue to the inmate, which we will review later, and most importantly, that participation in this Training and rehabilitation for less than four months reduced the frequency of violence after leaving prison by 83 percent, compared to a similar group in a conventional prison.
Also, educational and psychological programs will be developed, in partnership with the concerned ministries, whose role is to rehabilitate the inmate before leaving after the expiration of the period for how to coexist with society, especially since the superficial view
For some groups in society, they will refuse to deal with it, causing them to suffer multiple psychological crises. Therefore, the principle of tolerance, forgiveness and temporary acceptance of the current situation must be strengthened until they can adapt to the situation.
Several studies have confirmed that when former prisoners, especially young people, return to society deprived of the skills needed by the labor market, one behavior, negative or positive one, necessarily leads to a series of consecutive similar behaviors, as a result of despair from the situation in which they live, which often leads to committing new crimes. Therefore, rehabilitating prisoners, especially young people, professionally, protects them from relapse. Those who join the training and job rehabilitation inside the prison increase their chances of obtaining work abroad after the expiry of the punishment. For a person who has recently returned to society, the self-esteem and sense of accomplishment derived from hard work play a major role to reduce criminal behavior.
Initiatives have been established in the majority of Arab and foreign countries, some of them with the support of governments, with the aim of helping prisoners to open up to the outside world because of their conviction that their deviation is the result of certain social and educational conditions, in which society bears its share of responsibility, and therefore it must work to assist the administration in the field of care and rehabilitation of prisoners, and below we review together the project
 Description of the project.
 Project Activities
 Project objectives.
 Project requirements.
 Project outputs.
 Conclusion.

Description of the project

 Rehabilitation, and training of all inmates of the Kingdom’s prisons with the aim of doing crafts and professions and also helping them to form a new personality that benefits society economically, and benefit from their time during the punishment.
 The establishment of this project is considered unique and its success will be a precedent for local and international works, and it is considered the first of its kind and may be global.
 For the success of this project, an internal protocol must be drawn up between the concerned ministries and fully supported by the government, which in turn will not only be at the level of the Ministry of Culture,Arts and antiquities, but will certainly be the nucleus and initiative of the Ministry of Culture for all ministries
 The project is located in places that will be specially equipped inside the prison and on the highest standards of security and safety.
Project Activities
 Music, Literature and Poetry
 Painting, sculpting, decoration, and drawing on cloth and silk
 Sewing, embroidery and crochet
 Metal Plating and Gypsum Engraving
 Cosmetology and shaving
 Handicrafts for the industries of gold, silver, metals, antiques and chandeliers
All crafts and professions that depend on it and belong to the Ministry of Culture, Arts and antiquities will be rehabilitated and professionally trained on it
Project objectives
 Vocational training and rehabilitation, and then reform of prison inmates
 Reorienting the guests and benefiting from their energy, expertise and free time.
 The inmate’s dependence on himself financially and to support his family during the punishment period to achieve the principle that no family will remain without a breadwinner.
 Achieving the main goal of vocational training, as it also helps in rehabilitation and reform, as one of the main factors of vocational training programs will be the work of the inmate, relying on himself, and occupying his mind so that he does not remember the past.
 Entry of inmates into training programs will be by setting up training courses for all training professions that allow learning and gaining experience, and then giving inmates accredited graduation certificates, whether inside prison or after the expiry of the punishment period.
Improving the internal environment in prisons by creating cultural and professional activities, which psychologically affect the health and psychological aspect of inmates.
Project requirements
 The project needs to obtain security approvals first from the Ministry of the Interior and then allocate training areas, whether theoretical lecture halls or practical training workshops, and provide all the needs to complete the vocational training courses to the fullest form
 The Vocational Training Department is fully supervising all stages of training and qualification, and also with the participation of security elements as a precautionary measure
 Encouraging inmates who wish to join the programs by the Ministry of Interior with rewards such as reducing the punishment period, increasing the number of family visits and enjoying recreational activities inside the prison more than their peers who refuse and do not accept rehabilitation and training.
Project outputs  Training, qualifying and employing inmates who receive a monthly return for themselves and their families
 A honorable interface for the Kingdom, public opinion, the media, and human rights
A positive example to follow in other countries
 Inclusion of the beneficiary on the social insurance system during the years he worked within the vocational training project.
 Inmates obtain experience certificates, as well as obtain specialized accredited training certificates, and this is within the framework and financial return during and after the period of execution of the punishment.
This project will be the beginning of a new life and the workforce will help and contribute to create a strong economy and reducing unemployment as well as the crime rate and a precedent for the Ministry of Culture ,Arts and antiquities, whose role is to improve public view

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