!My greetings to the whole world

achamila press : DR WANG SANG MNGELI

I extend my gratitude to His Excellency His Majesty Harun Aydin the King of the New Atlantis Kingdom and to His Excellency Mohammed Al-abadi the Prime Minister of the New Atlantis Kingdom, in particular to all the Ministers and Ambassador.

My name is Mr H.E DR WANG SANG MANGELI, the legal representative of the kingdom of New Atlantis in Congo (Ambassador).

I have real pleasure to introduce myself in this short warm impulsive demonstrative message of our new kingdom of Atlantis.

KONA is a decentralized kingdom of Humanitarian hope which has never existed before in the world, which advocates ideal values ​​and universal prosperity that of establishing and propagating the culture of peace in the world. Our mission is to build a better world, united, Prosper and mutual harmony centered all around a true original value. We are determined to create peace in the world where we will totally forget about war. Our determination is to develop the planet earth on all the level, among others Scientific, technological and moral while respecting the civil rights, more particularly by creating a civilization through the creation of an intelligent city called (SMART CITY), this city is a new perspective which will open up a path of sustainable development all over the world.

We are the hope of today and tomorrow

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