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  With the utmost humility and patriotism, I find it pleased to write this letter filled with all feelings of appreciation and love to His Excellency the Prime Minister.

   Dr. Muhammad Al-Abadi and all members of his government in our dear kingdom, the new Atlantis.

 And it gives me great pleasure to express my deepest gratitude to you for sending your messages of goodwill across the world and to all of the Konna citizens here in Nigeria.

  We received the Independence Celebration photo with great joy.

 And I am pleased to note, sir, that I commend your great medical efforts whose ultimate goal is to spread the values ​​of love, development, peace and humanity all over the world.

  Your Excellency, you have shown great maturity, insight and passion since we got to know you and you have maintained a high level of discipline and commitment to your vision and aspirations, we thank you. Deep thanks and appreciation.


  Sir, at this juncture I would like to reiterate our support for you now and always, pledging our devotion and our full support and continually raise our prayers for the Lord to guide you as you lead the affairs of this great kingdom towards the realization of the kingdom of our dreams and the wise and just land. God bless you, and God bless all who work with you diligently to fulfill the dream of this kingdom as well as all of our citizens here in Nigeria and in the world

  Warm greetings,


  H. E. DR. Lawson Victor Tom (New Atlantis Ambassador to Nigeria)

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