Highlight main issues of the Kingdom of New Atlantis (Wisdom Land)

achamila press– Dr. Yasser Rabba Minister of Education Kingdom of New Atlantis (Wisdom Land)

The Kingdom of New Atlantis (Wisdom Land) is a comprehensive and strategic idea adopted by a group of intellectuals aspiring to achieve its presence on the ground as a civilized human kingdom, meets the ambitions of all ages, intellectual and cultural groups, thus reflecting the ambition of many peoples of the world regardless of their nationalities or beliefs. So, who joined us means he is convinced that this idea expresses his ambitions, dreams and goals, therefore, he joined us for these reasons because it meets his aspirations and expresses him and achieves his vision 

For those who joined us unconsciously, without realizing this vision being the main reason for joining us, we tell them that joining us was of your own decision, we expected you to follow us for these reasons that express your aspirations, if you are not convinced of this idea and this strategic vision or not looking forward to it, this is your business, this will reflect on your performance, how you will achieve the vision of yourselves if you are unaware of it 

We advise those who do not understand the universal human thoughts presented by the Kingdom of New Atlantis and those who do not believe in achieving these thoughts on the ground to leave us quietly without being with us in our boat, at the same time questioning our abilities, our ideas, and the credibility of our existence, some has accused us of delusionality and non-existence. Here we ask an important question to all those people, how you can ride a boat without realizing its destination and knowing its starting point and its port of arrival, for those we say either reread the book of definition of the Kingdom of New Atlantis (Wisdom Land) in order to stay with us you should know what we are offering or leave this boat because you do not know its destination and objectives. We need who shares us our program to achieve himself, not those who use our program just to reach their personal goals such as a title or a certificate which is too little

Therefore, there is no need for those who shows sincere intentions in public and question and reduce the value of this project in private or in some secret correspondence, for those we say if you are not convinced you can leave, we do not force anybody to stay with us if he does not believe in our goals 

Second: Clarifying the meaning of a decentralized government for everybody to understand

Decentralized government is a government composed of several people in several different countries, no government headquarters gather them together, each member of this government works to achieve its goal and vision and abides by its laws and represents it in his country or where ever he goes, so the centrality of the government means no ministerial offices on the ground and no headquarters of ministries, this is temporary until a sovereign territory is found and accepted by a state, as a result of a diplomatic agreement. if these conditions are not met, the government will remain decentralized and distributed in several countries. Many examples of this government are available, governments formed and announced outside their own country, for example, the declaration of the state of Palestine in 1988 in Algeria by the late martyr president Yasser Arafat

We would like to make it clear to everybody who says this is a fictitious government or does not exist that the government of the Kingdom of New Atlantis is a real government on the ground, a decentralized government until the circumstances mentioned above are changed to become a central government with official headquarters, that does its job and exercises its functions officially. We promise you will not wait too long 

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