My Last Wisdom Sage of Today’s Friday 31st Dec. The Last Day of The Year 2021


achamila press- 31/12/2021

My Last Wisdom Sage of Today’s Friday 31st Dec. The Last Day of The Year 2021

“A Wise Man Learns Everyday But A Fool Never Because, He Believes Only Just What Makes Him A Fool”. (H.E. Mr. Mohamed Sylvanus Kamara)
*. Thank you God Almighty, I’m on the shores of crossing over the river year of 2021 to 2022 with Hope, Faith, the Power of Pursuit, Self Believing and Confidence
*. Negative People don’t have any positive thoughts and talks about you. But they have something to belittling you or depletes you or reduces you to nothing
*. In life, choose not to create Enemies. But those who choose to be your Enemies then, choose to be the “Enemies’ Friend”
*. We are to standing the tiding-actions of eradication of Bad Deeds or Ill-Dealings as that has to do with transformation of Bad Behaviours and Attitudes to an appreciably best human character
*. Upon what I’m best describing of, I stand to be simple in life but difficult to be bent to bad things for I have a iron heart not to
*. In my yearly self-resolution, as it was, so shall it be on self-missioned for positive change but never in any circumstance be positioned to bad change
*. Some of the negative things we see, oversight or allow are the very ones denying us the possibility of effecting the due change that we collectively desire as humans in world’s societies and nations
*. The bad things you cannot accept don’t wait tomorrow; reject them now, by that, positive possible change will take effects without delaying time
Thank you all

H.E. Mr. Mohamed Sylvanus Kamara

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