achamila press- 31/12/2921


An exuberant happy new year to all!!

Especially to you who always show me love and care

…After all the tremendous struggles in 2021, our success still remain unbending; on this day, we clock 2022 as a year of ‘glee and aplomb…’ We have lain our past in this frightening year (2021)

Despite of the Covid-19 epedimic that the world has engulfed which ruin many lives and brought distinctions among people, our faith still remain optimistic in our father Jesus Christ, our lord and personal savior

In 2020 and 2021, those years were a gruesome years that locked the whole world to mourned, which served as an impediment for the to retain optimism in God, the savior of all times

Celebrating with you today in 2022, has added another experience to my sojourn on earth… Let us comglomeratively stand under one umbrella in a grand star, to sway our way in 2022

Indeed, others fought in 2021 but they didn’t make it. Only …God knows the reason because he is unquestionable and perpetual; so he has the answer for everything that exists in this world

As we have geared in 2022, let’s make Christ Jesus our major priority and be an emblem of God’s children

Congratulations to you Lord

As a compassionate God, you have made it a staggering year for us, because of your generous love and care that you always pulled on us. I felicitate you for your overwhelming grace that you have shown as a King of the universe; and the numerous supports that you have projected on us

Today historically, set a side as a year to appreciate God for his high level of gratitude that he always show us

We called upon the Lord because he is a mighty man of warrior, a welcoming, an amicable God who always mustered the courage for us in times of difficulties; he reign over the earth

…Through we fought and climbed the Mountain of Zion, but we still need to retrospect and enlightening our minds and unearth your awesome good that doesn’t take place in vacuum, but on earth through our merciful God, Jesus Christ

The reason why multitudes of us have chosen you is because you are self-esteem, diligent, versatile, innovative and independent God, because you always show us the right trajectory in life

As we have entered in the year 2022, let us build our potential and deposit our abilities in each other and be a watch dog for our lives

Indeed, we lost our families members, relatives, friends and other dignitaries during the Covid-19 epedimic which averted the world into complete discrepancies

Glory be to God for his amazing grace which transplant oxygen into our lives

At this juncture, I will holistically appreciate all those who give us their magnificent supports during the global locked down which scarce away many lives today

Happy new year to all in advance

May the Lord Jesus Christ, the creator of the universe richly bless us as we have perpendicularly emerged into this new year

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