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H. E. Dr. Lawson Victor Tom

Republic Day of India, observed on January 26 year on year is a proud occasion for every citizen of this country. It was on this day in 1950 that the country declared itself as a sovereign republic characterized by the people’s government. Since its independence in 1947, India has shown a phenomenal growth becoming a world leader in many spheres of life
On the 73rd Republic day on January 26, 2022, may we all pay our homage to the countless sacrifices done by the freedom fighters and vow to give the best to make this day best, strongest and one of the most powerful nation on the earth

On this day, be proud of the heroes who fought for freedom, peace, and union. Although we live a peaceful life full of freedom due to the efforts and hard work of the most High God but we must salute the courageous fighters of India, it was not an easy task. So never forget the brave soldiers. Wish you a very Happy Republic day
On 26 January 2022, you are celebrating the 73rd republic year. Freedom in your mind, motivation, and inspiration in your words. On 26 January, we recall heroes’ fights and hard work who provide all of you freedom

Happy Republic Day All!

Best Regards,
H. E. Dr. Lawson Victor Tom,
The Kingdom of New Atlantis Continental Ambassador to Africa and Nigeria Ambassador

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