7Establishing and participating in various

achamila press- Counselor Dr. Muhammad Hussain Shami Ghanameh Jordan

youth groups enables them to work with those interested in working in one field, which can contribute to the development of this field and the surrounding community as well as to topics that concern them personally, such as social diseases spread in the community, such as building medical institutions, for example, concerned with youth and development Their skills, including eliminating free time, and how to change the nature of their personality for the better? Among the most prominent questions that may be asked to develop the personality of young people, for example, “Does high cholesterol cause seizures in their bodies?”

 Is it possible that their high cholesterol is the cause of their heart attacks and other questions

And the discovery of the treatment for it as soon as possible in order to reduce it so that it does not infect the younger generation, which adults have suffered from before when they were young and did not find a cure in their time

 8As for the role of youth in politics, they have a great influence on society and they have important roles that they can contribute to, for example, because youth are the largest political force, the most liberal and open, so they have the ability to achieve their goals in changing policies and activating their role more in their countries, and influencing all forces Politics, decision makers and officials so that you guys will be the best successor to the best predecessor

 9It is the duty of young people to know their rights and duties, so that they can claim them, deal with them, achieve them, and apply them optimally. Young people can contribute to change by expressing their views in various ways

Written by/member of the Public Freedom Committee of the Bar Association and Judge of the International Court for Conflict Resolution International Peace Ambassador

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