A Report ,We can live with love

achamila press- Ministry of Culture, Arts and Antiquities Prepared by Bassema Bassam Al-Nabaki Head of the Heritage Branch

Every morning there is a lesson that summarizes the world and what is in it

After every sip of our bitter coffee, there must be a piece of chocolate….. as if the bitterness of reality is a reason for the happiness of the future…..

Days pass and pass us into the world of the unknown, sometimes we resist and sometimes we surrender, and sometimes we fall prey to delirium, loss and surrender.. Our morals make rules and barriers that capture our desires and possess our obsessions, and with them we become shackled by the restrictions of customs, principles, systems and rules. Ethics, as Plato said in the Book of the Four Virtues: “The four virtues are wisdom, justice, courage, and moderation.” He also said: “We are mad if we cannot think, fanatics if we do not want to think, and slaves if we do not dare to think.” Therefore, we have to comprehend and think about how to live life and make the equation of its balance and its approach with our morals in several ways and means and through all the people who look like us to be possible, easy and possible and filled with love, gratitude and giving… Let us always approach those who sing , dance and have fun..who spread those sweet positive energies.. and who tell stories, honest sentimental stories, and those who enjoy life immaculately..and those whose eyes shine with happiness..happiness is contagious..real happiness is a feeling Honest when one of us decides to share it and does not hesitate to lock it within his kingdom, his shell and his selfishness.. there is always someone who loves you for no reason.. and there is always someone who wants you even if you are the worst of human beings.. that is the great divine gift that life may give you because there is always someone who only sees purity inside you..and only cares to love you, take care of you, protect you, and don’t care about anything but you..only loves you for what is inside you because of who you are..and your actions must confirm that and exchange the same sharing…. Which always urges us to purity and nothing but purity and to meet love and giving with the same.Is it not the souls close to each other that have restore each other?, or arent we foundation stones in building a healthy society that leads each other to the best and finest types of living life….or is it not our moral and religious duty to restore each other’s souls (tell the one who built me ​​a place in the soul .. I built a paradise for him in the heart) For all of the above .. Thank you for all those nice and precious messages. Those messages that come to us from the truthful in life and come to us out of a noble feeling only, so do not limit yourself to a time or occasion, and do not limit yourself to a goal or any intention..it comes only to saturate our souls with clouds of love and joy..then happiness and joy rain down upon us..So we learned again that shaking hands with morals before the hands..and a smile from the heart before the gap, cuddling with the soul before cuddling with the body..there is no value of shaking hands and hearts that are troubled, sick, suspicious.. and there is no value for hugs and souls repulsed.. and there is no value for a life devoid of all those vocabulary.. let us not blame life and its great lies, and throw our failure and defeat as human beings on it.. so always and ever blame is on us .We were people who had our blue dreams, which resemble a virgin sea.. the forces of human and existenial evil allied Human on it Riya and existentialism and what waiting death for us has not spoiled.. treachery in the nature around us.. that is why life has been corrupted and we have been corrupted with it.. let us receive the morning.. while we wear a new heart worthy of the beauty of the rain, the air and the sun.. that shines Once again, we lay our wishes on the sidewalks of dreams, dust our souls, and attach our hearts to what is beyond the sky.. Life if you do not learn how to live it will not apologize to you and will overtake you.. I remember reading a story by the great Nelson Mandela whose center is that he shed his tears near a stone mountain he had to destroy all with his fellow prison mates, Mandela’s tears were not a trace of the pain that almost went into her dreamy eyes, nor because of the pain of racial persecution that threw him in prison because his skin turned black, Mandela’s tears were for those around him, telling his jailer who became a worker these days in a prison that has been turned into a museum, that Mandela caught his hands and shouted at the crowds of his comrades….

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القرار الحكيم والصائب متى يكون،؟؟؟

الشاملة بريس- مملكة اطلانتس الجديدة ( ارض الحكمة ) د محمد قرةعلي تنسيقية المجتمع المدني …

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achamila press- Department of Cultural and Artistic Heritage Protection  Self development Eman Shaban  body language …

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