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  (, The statement in the universes,)

(lecture 14)

 Secondary cosmic laws

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 15The Near Far

 Far and near constitute a very important concept, although we may see it as a pure coordinate and think that it is physical, but when we delve into it, we immediately discover the depth and comprehensiveness it holds. Ancient humans knew this concept and tried to explain this relationship and link it to each other to an amazing degree. A constellation constitutes conclusive evidence of that, and it was known by more than 30 civilizations in its ancient history, and this gives us an idea of ​​the human understanding of the relationship between near and far, and in the astronomical field, the understanding of distances between objects and mutual influence reveals despite this dimension, but there is an ancient civilization in East Asia These people think

 That their ancestors came fromspace in baskets resembling straw baskets that our ancestors knew and many of them still use

 In some isolated and rural areas

 In general, he notes the tendencies of ancient civilizations in understanding applied cosmic laws more than sometimes deep laws

 Perhaps this is due to their importance in their direct practical life, as they built castles and forts and erected dams and built palaces and pyramids and others, all of this gives us direct and undoubted evidence of engineering capabilities and a deep understanding of the basic laws of the universe

 And that they are not discovering all of them as laws

 We have living proof of that. Today, how many of us know these laws scientifically and look at them from the angle of their actual reality, as a system and universal rules governing the universe and existence. Indeed, we remained for many years without using these laws in a holistic manner, but rather the rest are used in a fragmented manner and by each side or civilization. Or seeing what you only take part of or what you need to use, and leave the rest as excess or neglected materials or on the theoretical philosophical margin

  Despite the scattered knowledge of these laws that they remain in the distributed and irregular range, and for the first time in the history of philosophy these 74 laws are combined in a single system and system to form logical equations through which we can search and walk with them as a lamp that illuminates the way for us in revealing the truth of things by understanding the laws of their existence itself

 That near and far on a simple superficial level we may feel that it is a positive law and just mental comparisons to understand things and the distances between them, this is true, but this is superficial and external, and there are also deep and comprehensive universal ties that unite this universe and existence, and these deep comprehensive relationships we know only less than little about it, like quantum gravity

 And the law of al-Jafr despite its importance and comprehensiveness, but first, we discovered very little of it in relation to its reality, and secondly, this law is only one law, and the distant relationships of the universe are also similar, there are comprehensive relationships and many laws governing this existence

 All of these have their action and form a link and regulator for everything we see around us in this vast extent, and despite these unimaginable distances, there are relationships that link and organize this entire existence into each one and a complete unity as if it were a huge, massive being whose elements are formed from a mixture starting from the initial and embryonic matter and all Its forms of development and complexities that go back in history deep in cosmic time, very far, to the distant depths of this existence, that is, to about 13.8 billion years in the past

 This is all linked in a comprehensive and amazing way, and today we can see the past up to that mentioned date, and we can even see it as a traditional movie tape, and we can see certain pictures and scenes from that time far from us in time and place until the 13.8 billion years, This is amazing, yes, but it is a logical, scientific fact that cannot be negated, based on scientific and logical mathematical rules that are proven in kind

 The summary of the far and the near as a secondary law confirms to us the oneness of the universe and existence, and the possibility of knowing it through its very system

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