Ukraine is resisting, but for how long

achamila press- Dr.. Sawsan Mabrouk

A continuous and intense war in all the Ukrainian lands that the Russian army feels comfortable with, and perhaps the Russian superpower planned the war and decided that its offensive plan must be quick and lightning in order to achieve its military objectives and policies, but after four days since the declaration of war, the Russian attack could not control, I was surprised

The Russian armed forces with the fierce resistance of the Ukrainian army and the people’s volunteers, the land proved the ferocity of the resistance, and this will give a psychological and vital effect

A morale booster for the Ukrainian army and may affect the morale of the Russians as the battle continues, but will this situation last for a long time, or does Russia have alternative plans

The war is not only taking place inside Ukraine, but it is a large-scale and large-scale war on all levels

An economic war declared by Western powers led by America against Russia is unprecedented and the most violent for a long time and it will have a devastating effect

About the Russian economy and this is what I know Baden the President of the United States of America as well as the leaders of the European Union as well as the complete political isolation of Russia from the leaders of the coalition, and on the other hand, Russia announces to the public, loud and clear that these sanctions will not have a negative impact on the economy because Russia has prepared and put

Save plans in advance.

Pending the outcome of the negotiations that will take place in the next few hours between Russia and Ukraine and the extent of Ukraine’s response to the conditions of Russian women, the most important of which is Ukraine’s neutrality, the situation remains based on all assumptions.

Will the war last longer, or will it extend to countries belonging to NATO and thus the third world war, or will the war stop, and will Russia emerge victorious by declaring Ukraine’s neutrality and installing an alternative leadership?

All possibilities are possible.

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