cosmic code (, The statement in the universes,) (lecture 15)

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 cosmic code

  (, The statement in the universes,)

(lecture 15)

 Secondary cosmic laws

 Ramaz Al Aaraj

 16. Young and old

 There are so many cosmic contradictions that they cannot be counted, and there is what is essential to the phenomena and there is what is secondary

 We are now in a contradiction that may seem trivial and simple to us, and we wonder how such a simple, common and childish concept can be philosophical. The first thing a child learns is the difference between the big and the small, and this is one of the simplest concepts of existence. As realistic as possible, well let’s try.

 Let’s imagine an ant of a very small type walking over the surface of the dining table, how much space will be for the ant and how long it takes to travel this distance from one end of the table to the other end, that this paradox between the small and the big is what we are about to understand

 But not in its flat shape, but in its true depth that is possible for our observation.

 For example, in astronomy and cosmology, the comparison between small and big and the differences in size between objects helps astronomers to monitor the dependency between them. And other volumes at the end, that is, comparisons of size are one of the most important comparisons that we have to understand reality.

 In the concept of the law of Jafr gives us an understanding of the subordination relationship between the big and the small so that the smaller body is subject to a certain degree

 To the larger body than it, the earth follows the sun and the moon follows the earth and the sun, in turn, is subject to a system greater than it in terms of energy and geological distribution in the zodiac.

 In all applied and theoretical sciences, we need these comparisons and knowledge of the relationship of the small to the The body is made up of several small parts, and these parts are composed in the end of small cells that came together to form the integrated body. we too . We have also become a small thing

 In a big thing called society, herd, or human group, and thus the social class or segment was formed, and thus we clearly see that every big thing is a conglomerate of small things and linked by certain necessary relationships that maintain their existence, and even among the basic conditions of their existence as well.

 The small and the big are an old concept and many civilizations have known it as a philosophical concept and have dealt with it for thousands of years, and this is very natural. We will reach a higher level of complexity to a degree

 Infinity is open to all possibilities in complexity.

  We will not give bread to the hungry, but rather give an axe to farmers, so we suffice with this amount and let both take this key and use it in the paths of his search and search for what he wants from the phenomena, it is not the answer, but rather it is a method and method for understanding reality and comparing it with itself and extracting its laws as an act directly from reality and not from imagination.

This concept, and its deep dimensions, enables us to understand the harmonyenables of reality, its laws, its path and its action, and lies in the expectation and formulation of theories and large cosmic rates, by understanding the relationship between the big and the small of phenomena and things and their realistic balances.

 And this law constitutes a deep dimension of things and is not just superficial external comparisons between bodies.

 We do not know yet. Perhaps energy is small particles. We do not know that for sure until now, as long as we do not know the secret of the black cosmic matter with its negative and positive sides. The atom is also made up of small contradictory particles combined and interconnected on the basis of these contradictions, and the big gaseous and semi-solid masses. And solid also, planets, galaxies and astronomical bodies in all their forms.

 These are all formed from balanced assemblies between the small and the big , the big consists of infinitesimal elements and consists of specialized organs that form a larger grouping such as the limbs and cells of the human being, then his limbs and body, for example, and the examples are countless, whether superficial or intrinsic, deep, internal, subjective or objective In the same thing, and these all do their work and have their effect together and form a relationship and links between the small and the old, and thus we see the extent of the deep interrelationship of this cosmic law, the relationship between the small and the old.

 On the social level, this concept and the law escalate to a high level of complexity, and if we look at the relationship between generations, for example, we will find how fundamental the relationship between adults and children is in society. This relationship is the basis that makes man as a rational social entity, as well as the relationship of the individual in the group. It is the part and it is the whole, and here the relationship becomes more complex so that the part is subject to the whole in all cases in the end and in all phenomena except in society this concept becomes very complicated and becomes immersed in relativity. Algebraically, on the level of human public morals and the socially accepted constants, it is subject to it in a less prescriptive way. Rather, it can be considered a possible inevitability,or . modifiable to some extent. The complex list of the relationship between the big and the small.

 The word is formed of letters and the letters when they are interconnected form a word, and the words when they are combined in a specific context become useful sentences, meaning and indicative of something, or abstract ideas. In a specific field of science and human knowledge.

 It is worth noting that this law is one of the laws known to many ancient civilizations, such as China, India, the civilizations of the Nile, Persia, and others.



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