Brief About technology

achamila press- Ministry of Culture, Arts and Antiquities Department of Protection and Promotion of Cultural Heritage Prepared by Fatima Sheikh Yassin

It is a word of Greek origin that consists of two parts, the first (techno) meaning art or craft and the second (logia) meaning study or science. to appearto us many meanings of this science, which in its concept is not limited to only the computer or the phone, but refers to a group of developments that occurred with a particular society and that to serve him in all areas of his life using the modern means of those technologies through which high skills were provided and were many, and its main goal was to provide a number of countless services, facilitate people’s affairs and provide them with entertainment

It collected art and creativity and devoted it to the field of study and science to give birth to us the greatest and most important means that made our lives easier and saved a lot of time and effort, as it is not just computers, electronic devices or phones, but means and methods that have greatly affected our minds and control our lives. To complete the tasks assigned to it and solve problems

Where we find that the development of technology over time has taken several forms, in

  stone Age

 Which started with it its first forms and was by converting natural tools into useful tools used by humans such as sticks and stones

 Neolithic age

In this era, many craftsmen and experts appeared who developed many tools to serve humans, and this was the first turning point and one of the most important wheel tools

middle Ages

There are many simple tools and machines that serve these works, such as the telephone and the printer.

Islamic era

The Islamic world has enormous expansion potential

In 1907, machinery developed significantly, automation was introduced, and steam engines and fuel engines were invented

In the modern era

Technology has become terribly sophisticated, all its means are in a permanent and continuous development, for example, the development of means of communication, the most important of which was fax and e-mail to show us modern and fast technologies and programs such as smart phones, and total dependence on them has become. By providing comfort, safety, and speed, unlike the old, and the means of entertainment have also witnessed a remarkable development, as they have provided us with giant screens of excellent quality and smart phones that witness a great development every period

Its benefits are many and varied

Contributed to communication with others, reduced the geographical distance between them, and increased knowledge. With a simple click, you can access what you want from culture, art, literature and any knowledge you want to see, and helped find many remote job opportunities

 The disadvantages of technology are also many, and we mention them

Excessive use and pollution resulting from its wrong use, which often leads to a waste of time and made people more lazy to easily access anything without effort

In the end, if you want to influence a people’s culture or plant ideas for them, this becomes easy through the Internet and multiple communication networks and influence them by displaying videos, group photos or publications to influence people. It is our duty as a people to adhere to our culture and revive our heritage through Modern technologies and applying it to our advantage and spreading the dangers of technology to avoid much harm




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