spread peace

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 Ministry of Culture, Arts and Antiquities

 Protection and valorization of cultural and artistic heritage

 Plastic artist: Ruba Ajeeb

 spread peace

 No to racism… No to non-discrimination

 Two fundamental principles of the rule of law, the duty to respect the equality of all, non-discrimination on the grounds of religion, race or gender, and non-discrimination against minorities, persons with disabilities, religious or racial discrimination, immigrants or indigenous peoples

 And harnessing the law to support and guarantee women’s rights and non-violence and to address it. Providing and protecting the child from exploitation, abuse, violence and discrimination, and ensuring the child’s interest

 We are born as free human beings, equal in rights and dignity. Our souls dream of rising in a clear sky free of wars and resentments, dreaming of a decent life. Our goal is peace. Peace does not exclude anyone.Rather, it is the goal of all human beings in survival and reconciliation.We release the white dove with a green olive branch in its mouth that gives us peace of mind in ourselves, seeking awareness and rising from slumber to the morning of a bright dawn that does not pass away, aiming for love, which is the highest and supreme feeling, to make the impossible easy and to build strong relationships between people, thus building peace and giving birth in a field of roses

 Living with self-reconciliation without persecution or anxiety, and it enhances the stability of the individual, establishes the future of childhood, opens the hopes of young people and strengthens the aspirations of youth, so that life results in a decent living…. Peace is the continuation of humanity

 The poem “Expand Peace” by the Iraqi poet Ahmed Al-Azzawi

   I order my friend to say hello

   I tend to him with love and respect

   What are the purest hearts if they fraternize

    And split it up if you ship a quarrel

    And the best of people is he who strives among people

    okay or wish them harmony

    The worst of people is he who seeks evil

    And spend a lifetime grudge and revenge

    I believed, O Messenger of God, that I

     I ransomed you and made you an imam for me

    Tell us if you want brotherhood

   And out of love between you: “Spread the peace.”


 poems for peace

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