Women the reason for our existence

achamila press- H.E Agnes Fortune-Cannon

Women the reason for our existence

Years after years, Women has been denied the opportunity to rule the world 🌎 as the world power leaders, because men have taken the mantle of leadership leaving women behind to be in the kitchen and take care of homes, the impact of women has been seen over the years as the department left for them as been securely managed with good outcome as we are all alive because women around the world has kept the hospitality and homes safe for everyone to enjoy, women are capable to be the real world leaders because they have successfully managed homes and turned children into adult and building nations from scratch to the top, women are the reason we have good leaders in different part of the world and thats the reason women are the most important creature ever made, without women there wouldn’t be a way of popularising the earth and there wouldn’t be a way of making peace in the word

Women are advocate for peace and freedom, women are advocate for empowerment and good governance, women are the essence of the existing world, women are indeed the most important people on earth and therefore women should forever be celebrated, join me to celebrate women today as it’s pronounced international women’s day and it is time to give our women the accolades they deserved, share with women all the goodness on earth because they will keep it till eternity through reproductions and circulatio n

Happy international women’s day to my beautiful and caring women out there

H.E Agnes Fortune-Cannon


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