Protection and valorization of cultural and artistic heritage

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 Ministry of Culture, Arts and Antiquities
Plastic artist: Ruba Ajeeb

Protection and valorization of cultural and artistic heritage

 Beirut Arab International Fair Downtown Beirut 63

Beirut the capital of culture

The Beirut Arab International Book Fair was inaugurated at the Seaside Arena in downtown Beirut on the waterfront

 The exhibition was invited the Arab Cultural Club, and the opening was attended by politicians, diplomats and a large audience from all segments of society. It continues to receive visitors until the thirteenth of March and opens its doors from ten in the morning until it closes at eight in the evening

And the speech of the Secretary of the Arab Cultural Club, Nermin Al-Khansa, in which she said: “The club has returned with the Beirut Arab International Book Fair to crown Beirut once again, the capital of culture, beauty and creativity.” Then came the speech of the club’s president, Mrs. Salwa Baasiri: “Here is the Beirut Arab International Book Fair back to us after an absence, but we are the ones who return to it to release the feelings of missing and to reveal his axis, its role and its position in promoting Beirut’s cultural site”

Beirut was and still embraces all creativity, and confirms that it is the bride of culture

 In the exhibition, a series of signatures for books on different topics took place, which are for the book of women and men, but the most dominant in the exhibition was the pens of women who rose to the throne of writing and excelled in various fields.. Among them was the plastic artist and cartoonist Dalal Al-Azi Al-Qaisi, who signed her book in the arabic cultural club pavilion. Titled “The Female Snake”

Writer and media personality Stephanie Oweini signed her book “I Love A Violinist” at the Abaad House suite

The writer, Dr. Sahar Haider, signed a book entitled “The Sun’s Rain” in the pavilion of Abdullah Shehadeh’s Cultural Forum for the Green Koura House

In the Al Bayan Al Arabi pavilion, there was a signing ceremony for Dr. Lamis Shaaban, her book “The Commitment between the Case and Belonging,” and Maryam Hijazi’s signing of her book “Al-Khattab Al-Hajjaji”

Zamkan Publishing House held a book signing ceremony for “The French Regression” in the presence of writer Christian Cheno

The writer, Professor Lilian Qurban Akl, also celebrated the signing of her book

“Expatriate in Two Homes” in the Pavilion of All the East. It also witnessed the signing of Lilia Shaheen’s book entitled “The M.I.T dream: a year like no other.” Writer Rayan Hashem has a book entitled “Unleash Creatness”, as well as a book entitled “Perutonium and Federalism: A Form for the State or the system !?” Written by Professor Alhan Farhat

In the wing of the Nariman Publishing House, Maguy Abu Sari signed “Antique Emerald”. A signing ceremony took place in the loyalty wing of the publishing industry, a book entitled “The Alchemy of a Butterfly” by the poet Hana Al-Moussawi, and the book “Sin Jim writing” by Professor Zainab Salih

And the poet Hanan Farfour signed the book “Nor of those who go astray ” in the pavilion of the Mosaique House for Studies and Publishing. The poet Rana Yateem signed a diwan of “Knocks on an Open Door” and the writer Nada Ali Muhammad “Family Diaries” in Dar Zamkan. The Poet of the Green Ball Abdullah Shehadeh Cultural Forum will hold morning poetry for poets: Dhora Al-Barazi, Carmela Ibrahim, Micheline Boutros, Lara Malak, Mireille Shehadeh, Tamara Al-Deeb and Nahla Salama, followed by a signing ceremony for books and collections of poets, and the book “Beyond the Limits of Existence” by the poet Marilyn Saadeh . Loyalty to the publishing industry organizes a signing ceremony for the author

 Fatima Hassan Raad for her book

“The birth of Camellia”

Congratulations to you, the women of Beirut and Arab women the role models, and congratulations to Beirut, the master of culture


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