Title of the article: “The will creates challenges in the world of people of determination”

achamila press- Kingdom of new Atlantis ( Wisdomland)
Ministry of Culture, Arts and Antiquities
Atlantic Vocational Training Branch
– Professor: Kholoud Boudjelal

– Title of the article: “The will creates challenges in the world of people of determination”

The Atlantic Vocational Training Branch seeks to pay attention to all segments of society without exception, by giving them training opportunities in many fields and disciplines to acquire a certificate of professional competence that enables them to integrate into society and enter the world of work and prove themselves as a productive and effective group within society on the one hand. On the other hand, having an income and a financial gain that guarantees their livelihood. The category of people of determination is among the most important groups that the Vocational Training Branch has highlighted for the advancement of a productive society with equal opportunities for all its classes and is not racist. The category of people with autism is one of the most important categories of people of determination. Which is known as a developmental disorder and it is called childhood schizophrenia, and its symptoms begin to appear on the child from the age of six months to the age of two years, on top of which the child loses what he has learned of speech until he becomes speechless and suffers from difficulty forming social relationships and communication with others not to mention the excessive movement and lack of attention and his inability to participate in playing with the rest of the children and prefers isolation
The world has known many challenges for several personalities who were able to challenge the disease and overcome it and prove their abilities and capabilities. The Yemeni doctor: “Manahil Thabet” nicknamed “The genius doctor” and “The queen of the stock exchange” is the best vivid example of the challenges that autistic people knew and suffered in her childhood consisted of several problems, such as the difficulty of pronunciation and learning, but all this was not an obstacle to breaking her will to become the talk of the world because of her genius in the fields of mathematics and financial engineering.
Dr. “Manahil Thabet” was born on October 14, 1981. She hails from the Yemeni governorate of Taiz. She graduated from high school at the age of 15 and then traveled to the USA to complete her university studies and obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and was the youngest student in the world. She obtained her PhD in the fields of quantum mathematics and financial engineering, with distinction with honors to begin her long journey to win scientific prizes and win scientific titles as she received her first prize in the field of genius by the Arab Genius Dictionary, and she became the first Arab to chair the Association of World Geniuses. She was awarded the Avicenna Prize for Science, which is one of the most prestigious british scientific prizes and entered the guinness book of records for her mental ability in mental maps. Scientists of the world say it is intelligence that does not repeat in the mind of a human being except every 35 years
Dr. “Manahil Thabet” is an Arab woman who defied traditions and overcame all difficulties and proved that women are able to succeed and excel in many areas of life

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