Societies are based on several components and several factors

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Bassema Al Nabki
Head of the Heritage Branch
cultural product

Societies are based on several components and several factors

all of which help in forming a cohesive nucleus, which gradually turns into projects of strong countries that compete in the sum of their components with the ranks of the developed countries.One of the most important factors in the emergence of these countries or societies is culture and culture with its set of components, tools and pillars. It is the gateway for those societies to cross to the entrance of the advanced nations, and the more they take the adequate share of upbringing generations and laying down the various factors and pillars of cultural work, the more impressive the results are at all levels
Culture goes hand in hand with education and holds its hand, as it requires curricula and educational principles, and it creates a charming atmosphere to soften the place, sometimes through a piece of music, and sometimes through a theatrical or cinematic work or .. or etc
The cultural product consists of several images and moves in several directions, and it must always be worked on in order to elevate it to perfection. It is the identity, heritage and heritage of countries, and it is the passport in which we cross to other countries and compete for it in the most important forums, events and festivals.. The cultural product is the generalization of the vision, the development of taste and the development of the tools of individual culture or the societal culture that is capable of developing skills and capabilities in turn and strengthening identity and the values ​​of citizenship and belonging in the face of dark, ignorant and inhuman ideas.All of this is in order to preserve the unity of the society that makes up the state, the soil of this state and the cohesion of the societal fabric in order to build the active and open human being who is later able to participate in the process of preserving, restoring and developing the homeland, when the cultural product is embraced in all its forms. This, in turn, helps to embrace intellectuals and creators, disseminate their cultural, intellectual and artistic output, and enhance their role as a leading group contributes with the statesmen to a large extent in building the identity of the state as well as building the cultural identity at the same time, as the intellectuals are soldiers who also fight. Even if the fronts differ, the enemy is always after it has many faces and needs to fight it also in many forms and patterns and it is the most important when it is on the front of ideas and beliefs and all the pretexts that target any society in order to turn it into an ignorant, obscurantist, and dark-black society. The intellectuals are ambassadors of their countries to other countries to share and export the finest types of products and the cultural product within all spaces and import what is necessary to support and develop this product in accordance with the standards, controls and basics of the state … Protecting the cultural product also enables the countries that produce it to confront the extremist ideology that invades their countries and spreads terrorism in them, and helps to make culture one of the tributaries of the national economy and working to increase the state’s resources.. In this article, we can review some forms and aspects of protection and support for the cultural product, including
1Protecting and preserving the tangible cultural heritage of countries and promoting it
2Preserving and protecting the intangible heritage and promoting it as well, and thus we establish the first steps in drawing the identity of a country or a community… when we preserve the customs, traditions and customs of the peoples of a region and turn them into an intangible stock that later results in an integrated archive, as is the case with preserving all antiquities and collectibles that constitute the history of peoples and their civilizations, and how the histories and stages of their lives are sequenced
3We can consider the child as one of the most important cultural products that call for the priorities of interests in him, as the consolidation of moral values ​​and the promotion of a culture of belonging and citizenship work to create a creative generation that later becomes loyal soldiers to that good land that brought them together under its sky .. The development of the cultural product presented to the child through the production and presentation of theatrical performances, or the issuance of series of targeted stories for children, magazines, breaks between television shows or cinematographic films that are specific to guiding and advising work, working as much as possible to involve children in all programs and workshops of an interactive nature and urging them to participate in competitions, exhibitions and programs to
to present and encourage their work and strengthen and enhance their personality within the promotion of the following concepts: my culture is my identity, my will is my strength, the promotion of a culture of dialogue, the culture of belonging and citizenship, strengthening the child’s connection with his mother tongue .. and other things concepts, which may seem simple in their title, but they carry the content of the development and progress of countries
4When the cultural product is musical

souls go with it on a journey to heaven accompanied by angels and reaching the stars, and it preserves it by embracing it and in all forms, as well as embracing and supporting musicians to be always able to accomplish a clear musical project that works to enrich the identity of the state from where the form and content and works to refine the souls and raise their level and purify the tastes of the public in it

 5The theatrical cultural producer works the same as the music, but it differs so that the music, which is a silent creative work, works to convey all human feelings to the limits of the sky, while the theatrical cultural producer works to communicate what they want, but by speaking once through satirical performance and once in a tragic style And others, even if the means are different, the content remains the basis… and the cultural product may be cinematic… and so on…
Cultural work is a group of factors working alongside each other.. Its rehabilitation or development of work in it requires the necessary will to build advanced cultural societies, as well as a correct legislative structure through the issuance of the necessary legislation that helps in its application to overcome all existing or possible obstacles to exist..and cultural work requires preparing cadres who are able to bear these burdens to establish a solid structure and work on setting specific national strategies that will subsequently be adhered to in all fields. Cultural work requires sufficient awareness to create a cultural product specific to the local national identity that will be
able to put that identity at the forefront of the paths.. and the space of knowledge and culture remain the pillars of any successful society, and the cultural work remains the most prestigious of all because it targets the highest things, namely the human being to produce through him and through him and within him a cultural product for which history is written longevity and stability

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