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In modern times, diplomacy has expanded to include informal interactions between a broader cast of characters. Tourists, whether they like it or not, are inevitably representatives of their states. This round table discussion draws together six scholars to consider the various relationships between tourism and diplomacy

All stakeholders of the Kingdom of New Atlantis and the African countries tourism industry are consciously or subconsciously promoting their region to boost its

tourism export. That’s why tourism is regarded as a hidden export and import industry. The actual base of tourism

diplomacy is the application of soft power that covers people, culture, heritage, tradition, history, nationalism,

national pride, hospitality, sports, tourism project, nature, prominent person and the participation of international

peace mission. This study will reveal the secret pattern of tourism diplomacy and how it can play a crucial role to build up international bonding by breaking down the icy relationship between or among the nations through culture,

tradition and heritage. This study figures out how the Kingdom of New Atlantis (KONA) can pertain tourism diplomacy to retain its country interest through representing its tourism resources to stakeholders in the international relationship. Moreover, it includes several ideas and factors of diplomacy though which tourism can play a role of creating peace among

different counties of the world

Tourism relates the publics and states through a crucial role that helps to build national identity

Tourism Diplomacy is the process of promoting tourism resources and solving the crisis or problem of a particular

destination by a peaceful negotiation between two or more nations or among nations through the peaceful power

of tourism. The whole world is now suffering from various categories of crisis life war,

religious conflict, disease and migration. So, c is a crying need to establish a new pattern of international

negotiation to demolish or mitigate political unrest or conflict among nations or people. The aim of tourism

diplomacy is to promote and invest in the tourism industry, minimize the current crisis and conflict among the

nations, generate tourists, increase the standard of living of the host community, preserving the natural resources,

practicing green politics and bringing peace among the nations


The principal objective of this research is to stimulate and build the nation’s image through its tourism resources

by using the theory of tourism diplomacy

Secondary objectives are:-

 to identify the strategies of tourism diplomacy for promoting, branding and positioning the tangible and

intangible tourism resources of KONA to African Countries and the international platform

• to increase tourism export (a process of generating or motivating tourists to visit destinations from another country or location), investment in tourism and generate country GDP


Tourism diplomacy is a bilateral theory that presents a country on political level internationally and gains the maximum amount of profit in a dogmatic and economic zone by using tourism activities. Tourism diplomacy uses these diplomatic actions with the main purpose of evolving tourism. From a research, tourism diplomacy can be seen from global (a global forum that promotes tourism);

regional (tourism for regional cooperation); national level (conceptualize tourism diplomacy in foreign policy and

international relations)

In China, outbound tourism is developing with the state’s partisan plan. The Chinese

government noticed tourism diplomacy as a soft power because it has the capability, power to attract others and

results in the predetermined outcome. They tend is to stand tourism and politics in a line. The

relationship between tourism and diplomacy can suggest static and compartmentalized entities that will deduct the

complexities between two countries. Culture diplomacy is an important part of tourism diplomacy

that rises the continuous curiosity about the culture of other countries. It identifies multiple agendas by which culture and identity can be redefined. By tourism diplomacy, tourists can involve in cross-cultural communication and can be formal or informal diplomats. Due to globalization, international

communication; political negotiation of countries worldwide are increasing. This negotiation will help to increase

the international tourist receipts as the tourists will visit the destination country for a specific purpose will join in

tourism-based activities, identifies tourism as a political terrain of

cultural exercise because it coordinates culture and public diplomacy. It works as international diplomacy by

promoting a national brand; global culture, mobilizing people; place and money


This research has identified the depth of the phenomena to promote the nation’s culture, heritage, national pride and resources. This study has explained all its findings in a qualitative structure. So, it is all about finding

qualitative information to explore the role of tourism diplomacy in developing and highlighting the tourism sector of KONA-AFRICA. So, this study is mainly a qualitative study. The characteristics of the topic are focusing on

exploratory factors. The main fact of the study is it has explored the question of ‘What are strategies that can be

used as tourism diplomacy?’ and ‘How those strategies can be implemented to promote the nation worldwide and then ensure vigorous growth of the tourism industry in KONA-AFRICA by making a stable international market for it?’ So this ‘How’ and qualitative ‘What’ question indicates that this is exploratory research. This

study has likewise advised some chain networking ways to connect with developed countries by imposing the bilateral theory of tourism diplomacy. These findings and strategies of the research can be used as the findings,

inputs and secondary information for other researches and studies

This exploratory research has explored all its information in a qualitative way. It has collected and analyzed all its

information from secondary sources and previous researches. The facts analyzed from those sources and records have shown a new path to explore the diplomacy theory for the tourism sector by branding and positioning the tangible and intangible resources of KONA-AFRICA in the global market. The

proposed strategies have shown clearly in an organized way in this study which can be used as a secondary resource


The idea of tourism diplomacy has been identified from different works, cases and sources. But tourism diplomacy

can also be a tool for boosting the tourism industry. The study finds it out and includes over here with intricate



Some crucial factors have been denoted to negotiate with other countries to promote, minimize and solve problems between or among states. Identified two diplomatic factors, where “soft power” defines the norms,

values, culture and nationalism of the stats principle and where “hard power” is another wing of the diplomacy

that defines the uses of economic, military and political power in international relationship


The basic theme of hard power diplomacy is to show political or economic energy

in international negotiation that is completely the opposite doctrine of tourism ideology


Peace through tourism can be ensured by the application of soft power in the

international platform. Country culture, heritage, tradition, green politics and investment, sports,

language, national and international achievement, hospitality, emotion, national pride, and nationalism are part of soft power diplomacy

Diplomacy Ideas for Tourism

Soft power diplomacy can become a useful tool to generate the influx of tourists and create a mutual bonding

among KONA-AFRICAN countries. It can be ensured through few ideas of diplomacy

Host community to tourists: In this case, host community people of KONA must show her cultural artifact and the natural heritage to maximize tourist satisfaction and experience. They will act as a story teller and

deliberately explain the culture and heritage of an evolutionary angel. They also demonstrate the tourist how they

collect honey from the forest, catch fish from the river, ride and run the boat, village shopping etc. They also take

tourists to the place that bears the testimony of our national pride and heritage. They held stage performance to

explain their culture and tradition including their lifestyle, marriage, language, norms, and social rules as they have inherited from one generation to another. The ultimate objective of the host community to tourist diplomacy is to

build up an emotional promise between them


The hospitality industry of KONA should frequently contact their

prospective guest directly or through travel agency, tour operator, printing media, electric media social media or

their official web site. They provide the major information about the destination and special facilities or offers to

allure the tourist visit the country. This how hospitality industry interacts with and provides information to the tourists. Tourist searches the types of accommodation, transportation, food and beverage, and other facilities before

visiting a destination. They gather the information from the website, friends and families, newspaper, travel agencies or direct contact with the hospitality industry.

These hospitality industries directly recruit the community people

from every corner of the country to serve the tourist because community people are more knowledgeable about the destination then the industry people. So, they can give suggestions to the tourist about the destination or tourism

resources around the country. This strategy will help the industry to generate more tourists and promote the country

In this case, the hospitality industry must train the community people about tourism marketing to create tourist loyalty. In some cases, the community will have direct contact with tourists. So, they have a good idea of tourist likings and disliking. They can pass this information to the hospitality industry that will facilitate them to redesign their product to satisfy their tourist. All the suppliers of the hospitality industry will frequently take promotional

strategy to sponsor tourism. Local hotels will organize food festivals by representing their local food where the

international hotels will join and demonstrate their food and beverage facilities. This offer stimulates both affluent and budget tourist to travel through the air


A state always strives to increase its export or generate more international

currencies. It can be degraded because of the bad norms and behavior of people, political patterns,

economic turndown, accident rate, rape, diseases, food adulteration, corruption and so on. The country images will reflect the hospitality pattern, norm, values that a country practices from one generation to another generation

In this case, each of the countries will promote or demonstrate

cultural values, natural heritage, and national pride and philanthropy activities in the national and global platforms

This negotiation will carry a strong mutual bonding which will open the door for promoting tourism worldwide,

increase tourism export and GDP, gain national interest through tourism (win-win game), ensure peace, solve the

current crisis (crisis, virus, child trafficking, food adulteration, rapid road accident, medicine poisoning,

rumor and so on.), fulfill the 17 goals of SDG and ensure 6 win policies


It is required to organize activities to bring every stakeholder included state persons, community people,

representatives, bureaucrats, diplomats, spoke persons, public figures, sportsmen, culture oriented persons, and academicians, etc. All together to promote tourism resources, attract more tourist and foreign direct investors,

finding the solution of precise problem or crisis through a peaceful negotiation between or among the countries

This study has developed a model along with the strategies to set the country to country diplomacy and its outcomes

in a systematic way. It has also proved the idea of the involvement of all stakeholders to promote the soft power

of tourism diplomacy and gain the maximum benefits from it

achamila press- H. E. Dr. Lawson Victor Tom,

The Kingdom of New Atlantis Continental Ambassador to Africa and Nigeria Ambassador

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