Our children are our safety (Attention from the danger of smartphones to our children)

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Prepared by: Ghadeer Sheikh Yassin
Head of the Secretarial and Archiving Branch

Our children are our safety (Attention from the danger of smartphones to our children)
Who among us did not give his child a tablet or a mobile phone to become his favorite toy, to the extent that it has become one of the basics of the daily lives of our children and cannot be dispensed with, as seeing a child playing with a smart phone has become a normal and intuitive thing, so he spends long hours in front of his phone screen. We are the ones who deliberately distract our children from the beginning of their lives with these smart phones, sometimes they play games and sometimes they watch videos , watch songs and funny clips, and surf the Internet, but do we know what the dangers our children have put in! Do we not know that there is electromagnetic radiation coming out of this smart device or the so-called microwave radiation, which contains radio frequencies (RF-EMR). It causes cancer to humans and its radiation enters faster in children.
Many medical studies have proven that the risk of radiation is two times higher for children than adults and ten times higher for their bone marrow, because children’s brains and nervous systems are still developing and because their tissues and bones are thinner and smaller compared to adults.Children absorb more than 60% of carcinogenic radiation, which leads to brain tumors in the long-term , hearing impairment and visual impairment due to the emission of blue radiation from the mobile screen, which causes aging, eye fatigue, movement disorders and brain activity, which leads to poor concentration and understanding, and other problems in the bones, ligaments and spine problems, which causes neck pain and back, is for the physical aspect, and the excessive use of phones also causes many dangers on the psychological aspect of the child, which negatively affects his behavior. It also affects sleep patterns and may cause insomnia and headaches and cause sleep deprivation.
The World Health Organization has advised reasonable low use, and a specific time during the day. Excessive use of smartphones causes laziness and lack of movement, which leads to obesity and thus diabetes, high blood pressure, and causes lack of attention and hyperactivity disorder. It has been scientifically proven that every hour a child sits in front of his phone, he loses 16 minutes of sleep, and phone addiction causes isolation and aggression, which leads to a weakness in his personality.
It has also been proven that children who stay on their phones creates a void between them and their family and siblings, which causes depression and introversion, and what the child sees while browsing the Internet can affect his behavior and affection, and we do not forget that the smartphone facilitates many things for children, as there are many applications which helps him in obtaining his information, which limits this matter from showing his creativity, limits the use of his imagination and mental abilities, and contributes greatly to the decline in his educational output.
Where studies have shown us that the phone should be prohibited for children under the age of two years, but for the ideal time for the whole day does not exceed 60 minutes.
Several important tips should be followed in the interest of our children regarding the use of phones, including:
1- The most important advice is to study the appropriate time to give your child a smart phone and to include applications that help him analyze and think and there are applications for interactive games that stimulate the child’s mind, but they have to be used for a specific and short time, not exceeding an hour or an hour and a half a day
2- Doing group sports with friends
3- Going out to picnics in the parks or school trips to explore what is around them.
4- Develop the child’s talents and encourage him to draw and love reading and writing
5- Doing activities between parents and their children to get closer to them.
In the end, we should not forget the dangers of phones, which include us as well. We have to reduce the use of the phone and do useful activities with our children who imitate us in everything, so we have to be the best example for them and help them understand the risks and negatives of sitting for hours in front of the phones.
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