Incense road, the history and origin of incense

achamila press- Samir Al Qobati

The origin of incense goes back to ancient times, as the human relationship with incense goes back to ancient civilizations from the beginning of the ancient Chinese and Indian civilizations and incense was making from many materials, and dried flowers, and sandalwood, which was used in temples in the past because there was a belief that the smoke of incense expelled demons and evil spirits.
The road linking the East to the Mediterranean was called the incense road in the past
The incense road was called by this name because in ancient times it was the trade caravans that crossed from the coasts of Yemen in the Arab Mashreq to the northern Mediterranean and were carrying incense in large and luxurious quantities.

Incense is a well-known aromatic substance in the Arab countries and the Gulf in particular, and of course the countries of Asia and India, from which the finest types of incense are brought, and many people are looking to know the history and origin of incense.
The most famous type of incense is the oud, which is produced from the infection of some trees with a disease that affects the tree from the inside and makes some parts of it different from the rest of the wood in the tree. These infected trees have a beautiful aromatic smell, and the best types of oud come from perennial trees from 70 to 150 years old.
Incense in the Arabian Peninsula has a great place, as fumigation was used on happy occasions and others such as fumigation of the tent, and rare and expensive types were known from it that were weighed in gold and tents were fumigated with incense and it is said that some of its types lasted for six months.
And they had the custom of fumigating the Kaaba every night through the priest who carried the incense burner and carried out the process of fumigation in order to preserve the gods until the next morning, using coal and incense.
Until now, the habit of fumigation continues among Arabs and Muslims, especially on Friday, because they believe that it is a blessed day and that the smoke of incense and the good smell also affects the eye of the envious, and there is a strong connection between envy and incense as a treatment for it.
In southern Yemen, many Aden families are famous for making incense since ancient times. Adan incense is famous in Yemen and the Gulf،and the famous type is the most expensive and quality bridal incense, which brides buy before and after the wedding, and it is a custom inherited to this day. You will definitely smell the smell of incense wafting from the houses every day

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