Between globalization and craft

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Head of the Technical Achievement Insurance Branch for Cultural and Artistic Properties
Ghada Ismail

It is no secret to anyone the extent of globalization’s impact on our lives in various areas of life, from cultural to social and political, and even the Internet entered the world of cooking and fashion and reached the world of children in various stages of their lives

We do not deny that this globalization has its advantages in many things, as it has made the world into a small village where we can know the news of the world with the click of a button and communicate with many people in a blink of an eye

But it is not hidden from one of the many disadvantages that have befallen us, the most important of which I believe, is our loss of the pleasure of reading books and newspapers, and the limit has reached the abandonment of the paper book and daily newspapers, which were an essential station in every home

Newspapers or the daily newspaper was considered essential in every home, where the father begins to read newspapers and is taken by everyone, where contact with paper was giving reading a special flavour

Especially since newspapers in the old days were not available to everyone, as they were expensive, but with the passage of time and the development of printing techniques, their costs decreased, and the public became able to acquire them

Many scholars consider the invention of printing to be a milestone in human history, due to the many benefits it provided… As we are able to learn about the creativity and ideas of writers by obtaining their valuable books

The book was of great value, as book fairs were held in most Arab and foreign countries, and people raced to attend these fairs and tried to acquire the most important books for the best book, so that publishing houses were racing to publish and monopolize the books of important writers.. And newspapers were racing to publish important articles about these books and writers

Unfortunately, in the light of the current globalization, we have lost the pleasure of reading and we have lost the pleasure of feeling paper

Unfortunately, most of the current generation have become victims of Internet addiction in general, to the point that they spend most of their day in front of the screen… where I know many people were previously bound to a schedule, which enabled them to read hundreds of books in various fields. Unfortunately, today, they did not finish reading one or two books

We even see that some writers have abandoned writing and printing.. and some countries have canceled the book and students are now following their lessons via the Internet.. and most countries have electronic daily newspapers, and they attribute this to the high cost of printing and printing and the shift of the reader from paper to electronics

Souk Okaz had a special flavor in the commentary of the pendants that writers competed to write and comment on their poems, and it had a prominent literary role in the pre-Islamic era, the beginning of Islam and the era of the Umayyads

And the fear that one day libraries will turn into museums to visit

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