various social organizations on World Book Day and Copyright Day.

 achamila press- Dr.Kulwant Singh Saluja

In KONA prime minister order Dr.Mohammad Alabbadi Organizing Grand programme by KONA Ambassador to Republic of India  Dr.Kulwant Singh Saluja

 and various social organizations on World Book Day April 2022, A Grand programme wasBook organized on the occasion of World Book Day and Copyright Day in government Rest House of in which representatives of various social organizations, Press club intellectuals and students participated. On this occasion Dr.M.S.Sharma , Chhattisgarh Journalist Union State Vice President Mr.S.K.Sharma Senior Journalist Mr Gaurav Gupta, Advocate Mr.S.Soytra , Press club Secretary Mr M .C.Gupata, Kids Cube International school Principal Mr.Chandan Kumar jointly said that every year ’23 April’ is Celebrated as World Book Day and Copyright Day. The education which started from the school from the childhood of the human being continues till the end of life. But now due to the increasing interest in computers and the Internet, the distance of people from books is increasing. In today’s era people’s interest is increasing. This is the reason why UNESCO decided to celebrate ’23 April’ as ‘World Book Day’ to bridge the gap between people and books. Since the decision of UNESCO, ‘World Book Day’ is celebrated on this day all over the world.
‘Book Day’ was celebrated for the first time on ’23 April’, 1995. Over time it became widespread in every country. Seminars are organized in different places of the world on ‘World Book Day’ to tell about the importance of books in our life.
Studying in Human life lasts till the end of life, but unfortunately Nowadays the tendency of reading is decreasing among people. People are running away from books. Today everyone wants to search everything on the net. Research shows that due to this people’s inquisitive tendencies and the ability to remember are also ending. This is a special problem for children. Books instill in the children the tendency to study, the inquisitive tendency, the tendency to save and the culture. Books not only give knowledge, but also tell about art, culture, folk life, civilization. Continuous sitting on the net is also affecting the eyes and brain of the people. In such a situation, it has become necessary to create attraction among the people towards books. Apart from this, many children are not able to read books even due to poverty, there is a need to pay attention to this too. The ‘Education Law for All’ is being seen in this direction. On this occasion, along with various organizations of the world calls upon the new generation to increase their interest towards books so that their brain capacity increases.KONA ambassador to Republic of India Dr.Kulwant Singh saluja Shown a message from KONA Prime minister Dr.Mohabbad Alabbadi they wished all the people of world..

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