World Intellectual Property Day

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Bassema Al Nabki
Head of the Legal Advisory Office and Legal Adviser to the Minister of Culture, Arts and Antiquities

World Intellectual Property Day

4/26/2022 of each year coincides with the celebrations of the World Intellectual Property Day in all its branches. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) organizes its celebrations all over the world every year, based on a slogan that varies from year to year.. It also organizes numerous workshops and seminars in addition to, of course, to all the services it provides, which are different, diverse and multi-purposes and goals, and it also calls every year for one of the ambitions that it works to strengthen and which may help to develop the mechanism of work and vocabulary of thinking and achievement within the intellectual property project in all its parts.. The slogan of this year’s World Organization is
(Intellectual property and youth: innovation for a better future) as the World Intellectual Property Organization believes that youth are the main engine for the prosperity and development of societies through diligent work, young thought, unlimited enthusiasm and a distinguished activity that young people try through all these elements most of them have to overcome difficulties, challenges and obstacles, using their activity, intelligence, enthusiasm, speed and intuition to turn the path into a path. Better results and more distinguished results.. In this year, the World Intellectual Property Organization focused on the youth component to push the wheel of development forward and push the development process towards reaching the best capabilities..
All over the world, young people are taking on innovative challenges, using their energy, ingenuity, curiosity and creativity to forge a path towards a better future. Therefore, the organization is working to absorb those capabilities and redirect them in the right place and field.. And this year, the theme of World Intellectual Property Day 2022 focuses on property intellectual and youth for a better future. We explore how these innovative, energetic, and creative minds drive positive change. And how can young people benefit from the advantages and concepts of intellectual property in reaching their goals, increasing their wages, spreading job opportunities and optimal investment for those capabilities in the right place and in all fields on the one hand, and on the other hand, stability in the face of global and local changes to keep track of progress moving forward in support and progress of their countries and their development. And their development for themselves first … When WIPO launches the “Young Experts Program”, it seeks to build an army of young people who are trained according to work courses within the organization and within fundamentalist academies and within a framework and timetable this may extend to two years, and it may train young men and women in developing countries, especially those who have high potential, through numerous tests for them, so work is done to rehabilitate them and later seek to assume leadership roles in their countries through which they work to establish work bases concerned with interest, innovation and creativity is based on the work methodology and its legalization in their countries, which reflects positive results for those countries and their transformation from developing countries to developed countries.
Working on preparing a future generation concerned with these experiences leads to a good investment in the talents and capabilities of talented youth and arming them with sufficient knowledge and the required documents at all levels of administration, leadership, technology, strategy and art
This paves the way for a professional life whose results will lead to economic and social progress.
Through the training provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization in its various training packages, that category that received its training and successfully completed the hours of the presented course will work to find clues and analogues to help it later in performing the tasks entrusted to it
When working on youth development and strengthening the bonds of their training and understanding of intellectual property, a competitive factor is formed in the future between countries among themselves. Which left an impact on the future and progress of its inventors in their countries.. and an example of what we are trying to tell is the experience of the United States of America when it tried to reach a strong agreement in the Uruguayan talks because it saw the future of intellectual property as one of the most important factors that advance technology and social economic growth to the United States of America .. and suggested the TRIPS Agreement as one of the most important agreements of the World Trade Organization .. and another example of countries that took intellectual property vocabulary as a startingbase for their investments and progress. Japan’s experience in intellectual property through its car companies (Toyota) where it benefited from it and in several areas and it worked on creating its own portfolio that would benefit it morally and financially through it management of its own financial right.. Thanks to them, it became the main driver of the labor market. By controlling all issued patents and then financial resources related to this matter.. The same was true with Sony Corporation, which worked to partner with a similar company on how to manage their patents in order to save time and effort, and they were able to manage their businesses achieving many successes and huge financial resources
Also, a vivid example of the reality of the impact of intellectual property on the countries of Korea through the filing of patent applications for the giant Samsung, the company whose inventions exceeded the limits of horizons and horizons, as the number of patent applications has reached 205 applications that were filed in the joints of various patents scattered around the world .. according to the following 
80,633 applications in the United States of America
44,271 applications in South Korea
39,288 applications filed with the European Patent Office
18,879 applications in the People’s Republic of China
9,584 applications in Japan
13,161 applications in other countries.
Observers expected that Samsung would achieve enormous financial resources from its registration of these patents, which gives us a clear idea of ​​the impact of preserving intellectual property for individuals, companies or any sectors, and promoting and securing it contributes and secures the prosperity of its countries by increasing the huge financial resources that it achieves
The index owned by countries has become their strong indicators and points calculated in their favor in the amount of their patents, trademarks, intellectual rights, geographical indicators and industrial models.. Among the countries that trusted ownership and took it from their early policies are China and Japan, where they occupy the first positions in the number of countries that register patents and are on the database platform of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Can the ideas that you have in your head be anything but wealth and capital through which you can control the joints of nations and countries? Therefore, awareness must be created, empowered and developed its tools are within this field, and can these ideas be left without an organizational and legislative system that works on setting the frameworks for the foregoing according to work rules.. The World Intellectual Property Organization has worked on them and is working on several axes in them, so that the celebrations for this day are an opportunity to re-light the lights and achievements Investigator in this field

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