The legacy of Eid for the Bosniaks

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The legacy of Eid for the Bosniaks

The Eid customs of Bosnian Muslims are similar to the customs of the Arab and Islamic world, as they consider that these customs preserve the Islamic heritage and identity, and they adhere to this heritage in order to protect future generations

These customs were inherited by generations for hundreds of years and were taken from the Ottoman customs, and they exchange greetings and blessings with Turkish phrases and words such as (Mubarak Bayram or Lesun), meaning congratulations on Eid. Who congratulates the local dialect pronunciation is Croatian or Serbian

The old and the young, work with these habits, committed to all the details of those habits

In the early morning, local Bosnian channels broadcast the Eid prayer from the “Gaz Yekhssar and Bek” mosque, that is, the first official mosque in the country, located in the old city, where the president and senior Muslim scholars pray, and after the prayer they exchange greetings and blessings

And they stress the zakat al-fitr that they pay in local mosques

They exchange family visits, keeping the grandfather’s greeting to honor them, as well as relatives, friends, and neighbors, to taste the Eid sweets and tablets found in every home

 And they are not satisfied with family visits, but the Bosnian President and the supreme islamic authority of the country, and the local municipalities also open receptions, visits, official greetings and congratulations on Eid

The visits will last for three days, and this heritage will never recede, even among the youth, not even the youth of the Bosnian communities in the world

 They consider Eid as an opportunity to communicate and revive the places abandoned in the war in the east of the country, and its people return to it to perform the Eid prayer, visit cemeteries and read Al-Fatihah for the souls of their loved ones, then start visits and greetings to relatives and friends

And on the feast, the quarrelsome gather, reconcile and give each other love, and we do not forget the children’s play and their joy

Wearing new clothes, taking the Eid and eating sweets

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