The talent of pencil drawing is another world in itself

achamila press- Ministry of Culture, Arts and Antiquities
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Prepared by: Ghadeer Sheikh Yassin
Director of the Secretarial and Archiving Branch

The talent of pencil drawing is another world in itself

Who among us did not like to hold a pencil in his childhood days to draw the most beautiful simple drawings for us to discover that there are those who have a great talent in this field, so we have to develop it, help him, encourage him and pay attention to him so that his talent is not wasted in vain, and if I say tools, the pencil is enough to lead you to professionalism in the world of art and creativity. Drawing is a common habit among all generations, old and young, and everyone desires from time to time to draw scribbles that express the feelings of joy and happiness inside him. Even those who do not have the talent can be able to draw by continuing to draw,through daily acquisition and effort, and they can reach professionalism through their fatigue and effort..

There are many types of drawing and its tools. Some artists use watercolors, oil colors, charcoal, pencil, or sand.

As for our talk today about pencil drawing, as there are several steps that must be followed by beginners and new to using pencil, including:

– The beginning of choosing the pencil carefully and taking care of making it sharp so that the drawings appear accurately and every detail appears clearly.

– Just as there are several degrees of the pencil, he must bring several degrees of the pencils, including gray, light and dark, as there are more than ten degrees for the pencil alone.

– And do not forget that we can modify the drawing with an eraser to show the most beautiful thing we have.

-At the end of the drawing, we have to learn to combine the degrees of drawing used, taking into account the light shade that shows us its beauty.

Simply by sitting in front of a white paper, a pencil and an eraser, you can enter the world of art and professionalism with an hour of drawing. All you need is encouragement, perseverance and personal diligence to show your creativity in this beautiful field.

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