Stunning ancient city Roman history

achamila press- Ministry of Culture and Arts
Director of the Archaeological Branch
Ahed madalie
((Jmila Algeria))

Stunning ancient city
Roman history

It is located in northeastern Algeria
It belongs to the State of Steif and is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
A beautiful city, the most informative city of Numidia, a sign of the past
It extends from the Edug Mountains in the east to the petty mountains in the west, with narrow plains receding within it, on which the cultivation of grains and vegetables is based
Its climate is cold in winter and hot in summer
The archaeological city was built on the banks of an ancient area, and has been inhabited by humans since BC
_ Forum forums
It contains a narrow junction and its foundation dates back to the first century AD and the buildings surrounding it, part of which dates back to the second century AD
The fortress of the original city has become narrowed, which made those in charge of the city’s administration make urban expansions that increased the city’s area and construction, including baths, markets, temples, altars and victory arches
The movement became facilitated in the time of military parades, shopping days and celebrations
_ Religious center: The Capitol was a religious and political center for this city
It is located northeast of Forum
It is dedicated to the worship of ((Jupiter Juno Minerva)). Its square shape consists of semi-parts that collapsed at the site of the place of sacrifice, but it is still in front of the stairs to the sanctuary intact with columns up to 14 meters in the Forum
A beautiful theater: it was excavated in a hill on which the seats of the stands rest, and this theater is still fully preserved until now, with the wall facing the stage and decorated with round niches on one side and four on the other side, with the intention of obtaining a good resonance
It accommodates more than 3000 spectators
_ The Museum: It is located inside the park and includes several archaeological discoveries, a unique group of mosaics full of cold colors representing mythical themes such as the shrine of (Bacchus) inspired by the legend (Dionysus)
An international festival of Algerian and Arabic songs is organized annually
Finally, I think that this city deserves a beautiful name, as everyone has a share of his name

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