Festival under the Atlantis Culture

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Soon and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Antiquities directly from the protection section and upgrade the cultural heritage and artistic will be announced Fine Arts of all kinds Festival under the Atlantis Culture logo and The Atlantis festival of Fine Art will be decorated with paintings and sculptures of Atlantis Festival representing the reality of fine art all its diversity and inclusions and generations which he will collect under the slogan of culture and will host the work of a group of people and creators to shed light on the pulse of the artistic movement between generations monitoring of prognosis

  The festival also will feature a group of artists and doctors in the presence of a large number of intellectuals, critics, journalists and lovers of fine art from Atlantis and its children who will reside there and among the festival works we mention the infrastructure works, photography, intonation, sculpture and some of the paintings that embody the beauty and Craftmanshif of Arabic calligraphy modern and innovative visions along with inspired paintings of Atlantean culture

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القرار الحكيم والصائب متى يكون،؟؟؟

الشاملة بريس- مملكة اطلانتس الجديدة ( ارض الحكمة ) د محمد قرةعلي تنسيقية المجتمع المدني …

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achamila press- Department of Cultural and Artistic Heritage Protection  Self development Eman Shaban  body language …

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