Work-life balance perspective

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Dr.Ruba Aieeb

Work-life balance perspective

To achieve more work by relying on this perspective, and to regain control in this era that invaded our personal lives from its widest doors, and the balance between them became difficult and even impossible tasks, especially when working hours are long and encouraged by the presence of technology and availability Modern means of communication, which allowed communication between members of the same work and even to be continuous in the private time.

This led to the abolition of restrictions between working and living life; However, there is still an opportunity to restore and create a balance between them:
It is possible first to think about the negative effects that result from this imbalance, such as fatigue that leads to a decline in production capacity and not thinking clearly at the moment of feeling tired and tired, which negatively affects the process and creates mistakes at work, the results of which may be expensive or perhaps dangerous.
Stress may affect personal health, which may result in comorbidities or addiction.
We also mention canceling meetings with friends and loved ones, and family events or achievements, to lead to neglect and damage or severing of the relationship with them.
Hence, it is necessary to set limits and resort to self-interest and private life.
Therefore, time management is the first strategy for setting boundaries, by providing enough time to complete personal tasks.
And adopt the principle of rejection and reduce daily tasks that are not enjoyable or difficult to achieve or can be assigned to others, and start sharing concerns related to work with partners and others.
Cancellation of some tasks may be difficult to achieve when the wrong sense of bias or commitment to them, and this will save more time for the private life that means a lot to the individual.
Perhaps working from home causes chronic stress. Expectations must be reached in the absence of communication, and what will happen if work stops for a specific time.
It is necessary to choose specific hours and work on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule that can be compressed, or even share some tasks or assign them to others, and provide flexible means of work to reach the stage of controlling it, which results in reducing its hours and reducing pressure and tension.
And wear work clothes and choose a quiet place designated for work until it is finished and get out of the place and change clothes and do physical activity such as walking, exercising or meeting close people.
And allocating time to relax is the main goal of one day, and volunteering to help others may be a way to improve relations abroad and self-satisfaction at the same time, and this also relieves psychological tension.
The search for a balance between work and private life has gone positively along with the change in life and family concerns, which necessitated reviewing priorities from time to time and making the necessary changes in order to stay on the right path.

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