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 body language

 Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Albert Mehribian, says that talk represents only 7% of the truth, while body language represents 55% of the actual feeling and thinking of the other person. The signs are clear. If we have a good ability to interpret these signs, we will have the upper hand and the advantage in any talk. These signs are:

 1. personal space:

 The famous scientist “Edward T. Hall” divided the personal space into four circles, where each circle is dedicated to a specific type of person in our lives to determine the relationship between two people, starting from the largest to the smallest:

 The Stranger Circle: its borders are 3 meters, and it is the space designated for unknown persons and we have no prior knowledge of them.

 The circle of knowledge: its borders are 1-3 meters, and it is the space designated for familiar faces such as acquaintances and colleagues.

 – The private circle: its borders are 30 cm – 1 meter, and it is the space designated for true friends and people we trust, regardless of kinship.

 The intimate circle: It is especially for the people we consider an integral part of ourselves as a life partner, parents and children.

 Through the previous circles, we can match a person’s speech with the reality of his thinking.

 2. Dealing with clothes:

 Clothes always send important messages about what the other person is thinking:

 Touching clothes, arranging them and interacting with them shows the reality of the person speaking’s comfort or feeling embarrassed or confused by touching the buttons of a shirt or a scarf on the neck or the like.

 – Clothes are used as a defensive barrier, such as putting the hand in the pocket or hiding the hands under the clothes, because the clothes are the cover for the body, then this expresses the concealment of the truth.

 When the speaker uses his index finger and thumb to pick up imaginary things from clothes, this indicates that the person does not agree with what the speaker is saying.

 3. Leaning method:

 One of the things that we neglect is the way a person leans, and it reflects the extent of his interest in your speech. When feeling bored and bored, the person leans his back behind without paying attention. In contrast, when he is interested in talking, he supports his body with his elbow or hand forward.

 4. Touching the face: The face exposes the opposite person to a great extent, especially in cases of tension and anxiety. The face of the person in front of you begins to itch and he is forced to put his hand on his face remarkably more than necessary, especially the area of ​​the nose and under the eyes.

 5. Mouth Covering:

 When someone tries to hide the truth, he covers his mouth with some fingers, uses his entire hand, or even puts a punch in front of his mouth, and this is a clear indication from his body language that he feels remorse about the words that come from him.

 6. Biting on the pen:

 It is a way to help us feel comfortable and relieve stress. The person who bites the pen, the tip of the glasses, or something solid is in a state of nervousness and tension.

 7. Hand rubbing:

 This movement means hope and optimism. This sign indicates that the person has found in your words or your idea of ​​a kind of positivity.

 8. simulation:

 When the opposite person is in complete harmony with you and does not just match you with words, but becomes subconsciously imitating your movements, this is a message from his body language that he fully agrees with you and your words .

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