Medical events and discoveries that changed the course of history


achamila press-. Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Qudsi

-1799 AD

Benjamin Waterhouse discovered the smallpox vaccine and introduced it to the United States and saved the lives of millions of people from this deadly disease

-1843 AD

The scientist Oliver Holmes discovered the cause of puerperal fever, also known as childhood bed fever, which affects women in the first three days after birth and develops rapidly, causing death in many cases.


 John Collini Warren discovered and introduced the first anesthetic device

for people

.-1886 AD

Surgeon Reginald Heber provided the first anatomical description of the appendix and the method for its surgical removal.

-1895 AD,

German physician William Kornard Rottingen discovered by chance

Medical radiology.

1895-1910 AD:

Epidemiological diseases transmitted by insects have been discovered and the appropriate vaccinations for them:

– 1914 AD

for the first time appeared the electrocardiogram device.

-1923 AD: Heart valve surgery appeared for the first time.

1928 AD: Alexander Fleming discovers the first antibiotic, penicillin

1929 AD: The first polio patient was rescued

1949 AD: The artificial kidney was discovered and the first case of leukemia was cured

for kids

 -1954 AD:

Performing the first kidney transplant performed by

. Joseph Murray – 1955 AD:

Ultrasound device appeared for the first time.


The emergence of antiviral drugs. -1964 AD


The appearance of the blood bank for the first time. -1967 AD:

Discovery of the stratified axial system.

-1973 AD:

The first fetal heart rate monitor was discovered: -1973 AD:

The magnetic resonance device was invented. -1977 AD:

For the first time the structure of the body of viruses was discovered. -1980 AD:

HIV and AIDS were discovered. 1981 AD:

For the first time announcing the invention of artificial leather. – 1986 AD:

Kawasaki viral disease and Alzheimer’s disease have been discovered. -1998 AD:

The first liver transplant from a living adult to a patient

. Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Qudsi

Internal medicine specialist

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