Festivals in Syria

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 Art has its role in the culture of society and all its members at their various levels.. and the civilization of nations is known through its arts.. That is why the cultural issue in Syria had a prominent and important role… Syria is the cradle of civilizations from time immemorial, from which the Ugarit civilization emerged, which was the cradle of civilization that issued the alphabet to the world. ..including the civilized Mari and many others

 Festivals are one of the most important means of tourist and media attraction because of the great economic return that they bring to the countries organizing these festivals

 This is an overview of the reality of theater festivals in Syria, and they are festivals that reflect their diversity and diversity of the thirst of our playwrights and our audience alike for such events that reflect an advanced state of artistic and cultural awareness.. Several artistic and cultural festivals are held throughout the year, including specialized festivals, including festivals miscellaneous

 Where there are festivals that were carried out by the Ministry of Culture, including

 Love Festival

 This festival is held in Lattakia during the period from (2-12) August annually. It includes several cultural events, plastic arts exhibitions, archaeological exhibitions, poetry evenings, cultural seminars, art concerts, sports games (swimming – football – horse races)

 Bosra International Folk Arts Festival

 This festival is held once every two years between (1-15) September at the Bosra Archaeological Amphitheater. Specialized teams from Arab and foreign countries participate in it. Activities are distributed on the Azem Palace Theater in Damascus, Aleppo Citadel Theater and some other provinces

 Damascus Film Festival

 This festival is held once every two years, where many foreign and Arab countries participate in it.

 Damascus Festival for Performing Arts

 This festival is held every two years, once during the month of May, alternating with the Damascus Film Festival, with large Arab participations

 Children’s Theater Spring Festival

 It is interested in presenting theater performances for children, and it is held in all Syrian governorates during the students’ midterm holiday, where children are thirsty for theater and presents everything that is useful and purposeful

 In addition to the civil festivals, most of which are specialized festivals that are carried out by some individuals with special funding from some sponsors of culture or those who believe in the promotion of cultural affairs and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, but the greatest burden rests on the shoulders of the people themselves, such as

 The Monorama Festival: which is carried out by the Arab House of Music. It is a specialized festival for the art of Monorama. It was held in the city of Lattakia.. It hosted Arab and local bands

 Theatrical Comedy Festival: It was launched in 2006. It is the first festival of its kind in the Arab world. It was held by the Qabbani Group for theatrical and musical arts. It relies on the art of comedy. Over the course of its six sessions, the festival hosted many local, Arab and international theater groups from Tunisia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Jordan, Algeria, France, Turkey and Britain, and the festival was very popular with those interested in theater at all levels

 In each session of this festival, artistic figures who worked in comedic art in Syria and the Arab world were honored, such as: Duraid Lahham, Yasser Al-Azma, Omar Hajjo, Hussam Tahsin Bey, Naji Jabr, Yassin Bakosh, Rafiq Subai’i, Nabil Khuzam, and from Lebanon. George Khabbaz, Shosho, Philemon Wehbe and many more

 Among the most important achievements of this festival, there were activities parallel to the festival, including the issuance of a daily magazine accompanying the festival called Komida magazine, as well as the establishment of art and photography exhibitions, as well as workshops for the festival.. Unfortunately, Al Moujan stopped in 2011 due to the war on Syria.. I had the honor of being one of the founders of this The Festival and its Executive Director

 Artists Syndicate Festival: It was held every year in a Syrian city with local participation from various governorates and most of the theatrical groups affiliated with the Syrian Artists Syndicate

 Ugaritic Features Festival: specialized in the civilization and archeology of the city of Ugarit. It presented specialized plays in this regard, such as the Ugaritic card and the Ugaritic pot.. Baal Safon.. In addition to art exhibitions about the city of Ugarit and a photography exhibition, in addition to lectures on the civilization of Ugarit, it was presented by the most important figures in cultural affairs such as Firas Al-Sawah, Dr. Bassam Jamous and many others. Most of the activities were held in the city of Ugarit

 In addition to many festivals, including a festival for the union of workers, youth and schools

 Exhibitions and festivals that are held in Syria throughout the year

 . 1Textile Exhibition: Organized by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry

 . 2Al-Basel Creativity Exhibition: Organized by the Ministry of Supply

 . 3Spring Festival

 . 4Sham Information and Communication Technology Exhibition: Organized by the Syrian Scientific Society for Informatics

 . 5Golan Flowers Festival: Organized by Quneitra Governorate

 . 6Music Festival: Organized by the Ministry of Culture

 . 7Lattakia Festival in Memory: Organized by Lattakia Governorate

 . 8Tartous Tourism Festival: Organized by the Ministry of Tourism

 . 9World Tourism Day September 27 Organized by the Ministry of Tourism

 Unfortunately, there are many of these festivals that have stopped in Syria because of the war since 2011. However, there are vigorous attempts to return to most of these activities through the civil groups and through the Ministry of Culture and the rest of the ministries, believing that art is the basis of life and by which people rise

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