Child education standards and outcomes

achamila press- Ministry of Culture, Arts and Antiquities
 Department of Cultural Heritage Protection and Promotion Prepared by: Ghadeer Sheikh Yassin
 Head of the Secretarial and Archiving Branch

Childhood, which is considered the most important stage in the life of any human being, is in this stage the basic values ​​and principles that remain with its owner throughout life, and contribute mainly to building his personality in terms of intellectual, physical and social aspects

 We find that the history of the child’s culture is very old. As long as the attention has been focused on the child since the inception of humanity to grow up and be able to take on tasks himself, they presented some ancient folk cultures in the form of tales and puppets

 At the beginning of the twentieth century, when educational curricula were more modern. As the writer Johan Huizinga wrote a book (homo ludens), which means in Arabic (the dynamics of play in human civilizations and cultures), he made it clear in his book that everything that a child acquires from various cultures comes from playing, so he explained The importance of playing because it is liberating and disciplined at the same time

 Where the importance of this stage was realized in creating civilized and conscious generations with a high culture, so most societies set up specialists, thinkers and representatives from all fields. They put cultural products such as panels, animation films and video games

 And do not forget the cultures that come from television and the Internet,

  Culture is nothing but a set of acquired behaviors that are formed from customs, traditions, and concepts presented to the child, as well as some arts and literature that are acquired over the days from direct contact with the surrounding environment

 Some of these oceans

 The family, especially the parents, where their role comes in the first place through the education and awareness they provide to the child, which is deeply rooted in the child

 The school also had a great role in educating children through several methods, including integrating the educational process with playing and singing, motivating children to love curiosity and discovery, working to develop their social skills with others, not bullying, and love to share with his friends

We should not forget that his primary language has an effective role in educating him, so his mother tongue must be strengthened, and he is taught several other languages ​​to learn about different cultures using modern and entertaining methods , so that this culture is simple, clear and easy to learn, and it must be free of linguistic errors

 We also have to pay attention to cultural artistic standards and present them to him in a beautiful and interesting artistic style, such as short stories accompanied by beautiful pictures, illustrated stories, a simplified, short and interesting literary novel, or some meaningful and beautiful songs at the same time. Some children’s theatrical performances and painting shows

 ***** We mention some of the obstacles to educating a child that limit his creativity, including

 1- Routine memorization and the method of indoctrination that limits the child’s creativity and causes him to become bored, and this is what makes him alienate from traditional methods

 2Using the method of discipline and reprimanding the child, which weakens his personality.

 3The child is isolated from society and does not participate in group work

he lack of various cultural methods that enhance the child’s thinking, so that they push him to analyze things and push him to question and criticize, as the child by nature loves to discover the unknown.

  5The lack of offices specialized in the culture of young children.

 6- The lack of modern translated sources from the cultures of other societies specialized in the culture of the child

 We must always search and strive to find modern methods that seek to educate the child and cultivate moral values ​​and artistic and literary cultures that enhance the behavior of children



 and different sources

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