Intelligence is a nature and personal property shaped by the environment and the development of knowledge

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 According to the Wikipedia definition, intelligence is defined as

 A term that includes mental abilities related to the ability to analyze, plan, solve problems, build conclusions, and act quickly. It also includes the ability to think abstractly, collect and coordinate ideas, pick up languages ​​and learn speed. It also includes, according to some scholars, the ability to feel, express feelings, and understand the feelings of others

 Psychologists have long debated how best to conceptualize and measure intelligence. These questions include how many types of intelligence exist, the role of nature versus nurture in intelligence, how intelligence is represented in the brain, and the meaning of group differences in intelligence

 In the early 20th century, French psychologist Alfred Binet (1857-1914) and his colleague Henri Simon (1872-1961) began work in Paris to develop a scale that would distinguish students who were expected to be better learners from those who were expected to be learners . But slower to learn

 The goal was to help teachers better teach these two groups of students. Binet and Simon developed what psychologists today consider to be the first intelligence test (“school intelligence tests”), which consisted of a variety of questions that included the ability to name objects, define words, draw pictures, complete sentences, compare items, and build sentences

 The scholars explained that the questions they asked their students, despite their apparent difference, all assessed the basic abilities of understanding, reasoning, and judgment. And it turns out that the correlations between these different types of scales were in fact all positive; Students who got one item correctly were more likely to get the other items correctly, even though the questions themselves were very different

 On the basis of these results, psychologist Charles Spearman (1863-1945) postulated that there must be a single basic structure that all these elements measure. Construction described that the different abilities and skills measured in intelligence tests share the factor of general intelligence


 Studies of creative people indicate at least five components that are likely to be important to creativity

 First, experience

 The creators have carefully studied the topic in which they work and know a lot about it. Creativity comes with a lot of hard work

 Second, imaginative thinking

 Creative people often look at the problem in a visual way, which allows them to see it from a new and different point of view

 Third, the risk

 Creative people are ready to take a new but risky approach

 Fourth, the core interest

 Creative people tend to work on projects because they like to do them, not because they get paid. In fact, research has found that people who get paid to be creative are often less creative than others

 V. Work in a creative environment

 Creativity is in part a social phenomenon. Simonton (1992) found that the most creative people were supported, helped, and challenged by other people working on similar projects

 Measurement of Intelligence: Standardization and Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

 Because intelligence is such an important dimension of individual difference, psychologists have invested significant efforts in creating and improving measures of intelligence

 Good IQ tests are reliable, meaning they are consistent over time, and they also show construct validity, meaning they actually measure intelligence rather than something else

  These tests are now the most accurate of all psychological tests. In fact, the ability to accurately assess intelligence is one of psychology’s most important contributions to everyday public life

 Once the standardization is done, we have a picture of the average abilities of people at different ages and we can calculate a person’s mental age, which is the age at which a person performs intellectually

 If we compare a person’s mental age with a person’s chronological age, the result is IQ, a measure of intelligence that is adjusted for age. A simple way to calculate IQ is by using the following formula

 IQ = mental age ÷ chronological age x 100

 Types of intelligence

 Eight types of intelligence

logical-mathematical intelligence

 linguistic intelligence

 spatial intelligence

 Musical intelligence

 Physical kinesthetic intelligence

 Personal intelligence

 personality tests.

 Natural intelligence

 Influences on intelligence

 Brain size, neurotransmission speed, and working memory capacity correlate with IQ

 Between 40% and 80% of the variance in IQ is due to genes, which means that overall genes play a greater role than environment in creating differences in IQ between individuals

 Intelligence is improved through education and can be hindered by environmental factors such as poverty

 Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify, evaluate, manage and control one’s emotions. People who are better able to regulate their own behaviors and emotions are also more successful in their personal and social encounters

 Exercises and critical thinking

 Keep in mind your IQ. Are you smarter than the average person? What specific intelligences do you think you excel at

 Did your parents try to improve your intelligence? Do you think their efforts have been successful

 Consider the meaning of (the Flynn effect.) Do you think people are really getting smarter

 Provide some examples of how emotional intelligence (or lack thereof) affects your daily life and the lives of other people you know

 This is God behind the intent

 Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Qudsi

 This research was written specifically for

 Ministry of Culture and Arts



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