Types of cultures (Chinese culture and its comparison with Arab culture)  

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 Basma Al Nabki

 Types of cultures (Chinese culture and its comparison with Arab culture)

 There are only four types of cultures that last a long time and did not stop with the passage of time, and each of them constitutes an independent cultural system in the world, which are the Chinese cultural system, the Indian cultural system, the Islamic Arab cultural system and the Western cultural system, which starts from the Greeks and Rome

 1The two most resilient cultures are

Chinese culture

 Chinese culture has strong endurance and strength of homogeneity, as it accepts many foreign cultures and has the ability to transform them into self-cultures.

  2Islamic culture

 It also inherits the classical cultures of the Arabian Peninsula, Persia, India and Greece, and the Eastern culture merges with the different Western culture and the old culture with the new culture to eventually produce the Islamic culture, which has many characteristics and in all aspects.. When comparing the two cultures i.e. Chinese culture and Arab culture We see common factors and in several aspects, as well as the great similarity between them. We mention them, by way of example, but not limited to

 The stage of development: Chinese culture arose in the seventeenth century BC until the eleventh century BC The mature phase in the eleventh century until the year two hundred and fifty-one BC The Arab culture had arisen in the Arabian Peninsula in the thirteenth century BC and reached its peak In the fifth century to the seventh century BC

 The two unified cultures: The Chinese peasants enjoy strong cohesion and great gravitational force, which ensures the sustainability of agricultural production and the stable development of culture in the long run. It deepens the basic thoughts and feelings of the Arabs

 main culture

 The Chinese culture is based on the culture of the Chinese nation, which includes the cultures of ethnic minorities and its basis is the Han culture, which is a great driving force for the unification of the various nationalities in Panama. The basis of the culture of the Arab nation is the cultures of the various Islamic nations and it is a banner that calls for solidarity among Muslims as well and of all nationalities .. From the aforementioned examples, we see that one of the most important blending between the two cultures is the blending between the science of the origin of the universe and the theory of knowledge and the integration of ideas in the field of ethics, where the blending is between the two methods of moral education

(traditional Chinese morals) and the idea of ​​respect for God and his mercy, so the Arab culture cares about God The Chinese culture cares about the human being, so that this combination results in a strong communication and exchange of experiences and skills that are manifested in several areas, including a strong trade exchange. Since the year 651, trade exchanges between China and the Arab countries have been increasing. Which passes from the eastern mainland to the western mainland, as well as the spice road that extended from the South Chinese Sea to the Arabian Gulf. These two roads testify to the strength of trade exchanges between China. And the Arabs, and some of the goods in which the trade exchange was carried out were summarized in the sale of spices, ivory, jewelry, medicinal herbs and rhino horns, as well as the transfer of Chinese silk, tea, porcelain and other goods to Arab countries, and the transfer of Arabs from the Chinese also industry Paper, chemistry, printing and gunpowder to be presented by the Arabs later to Western countries, and due to the close connection between the Arabs and the Chinese, the local Chinese government established special population areas for the Arabs in order to take care of their customs and allowed them to marry the Chinese

 The Arabs’ knowledge of the Chinese is not limited to that they are representatives of beauty, but rather believe that they are representatives of wisdom according to the sayings of the Arab Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Imaginary factors..because it was considered for the Arabs a place of wealth and a country enjoying rich wealth and many islands and major cities, and the Arabs made their efforts to paint the image of China accurately. The music of Uyghur nationalism in the development of music between the two sides, even in the field of medicine, cooperation between the two parties has taken place. Chinese scientists have translated medical work by Al-Razi W. The local government in Beijing built medical institutions and private hospitals for Arabs in China, as well as the spread of Arab science and technology and a large amount of Scientific books to China, where those books dealt with astronomy, .calendar, .medicine, mathematics, military, architecture and other fields, and many cooperation agreements were signed between Chinese and Arab universities. At the university and international level, for example, Peking University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing University of Foreign Studies, Shanghai University of International Studies. The protocols of visits and cultural exchange between China and Arab countries at all levels continue.. Finally, it has achieved The two sides have achieved a lot in the exchange in the modern era and our time, and we end this confusion between the aforementioned parties with some sayings of Confucius (He who does not think about the future will face difficulties in the present) and the sayings of Guang Zi (He who expresses true sadness does not need to cry He who expresses true anger does not need cursing, and he who expresses enthusiasm does not need laughter

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