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Bassema Al Nabki
Head of the Heritage Branch

Given the importance of intellectual property and considering it a social development tool with significant content, and due to the relationship of the mechanism of work with it to the extent of the development of inventions and creations, each according to its type and classification, which was called by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the organization concerned with developing strategies for property to constantly strive to formulate legislation, laws and agreements related to the same matter so that they all contribute to organizing, controlling and facilitating the work mechanism in accordance with fundamental standards and controls.. and to contribute to marching hand in hand in building this system consisting of innovations and inventions produced by the human mind within Its own knowledge vessel and the legal controls that regulate these creations and grant their owners the rights and privileges specified in accordance with those controls.. We now come to the development of special section agreements
Ownership in terms of copyright and related rights is within the reach of this article, let us take a look together on it, which are

 1Berne convention for the Protection of works of Literary and artistic works: Legislatively drafted, amended in 1971, It is a treaty that grants harmonized rights to authors, creators, writers, musicians, film producers, painters, etc… in the member countries (member countries of the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO). Currently, most countries have joined, leaving only about 20 countries that have not yet joined the this treaty guarantees the protection of creative works in this regard and outside the borders of their country of origin, whether with regard to their material exploitation or their artistic integrity.. This treaty also allows rights holders to convert their assets into a monetary value according to agreed criteria and conditions, and it is in addition to this is working to lay the foundations for a comprehensive system that includes a mechanism known as (the three-step test) and sets the conditions that can grant exceptions and ways to limit the rights under it and the means of complying with the rights under it and the treaty as a whole is considered a balance of the rights of owners of creative works on the one hand and on the other hand other stakeholders and society on the other hand..
2WIPO Copyright Treaty 1996)
It is one of the first treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) devoted to copyright in the digital environment, and it provides several advantages to owners of high-quality works: On demand and other interactive access methods. It sets a framework for creators and rights holders to use technical tools that allow them to protect their works and preserve information
3The Marrakesh treaty to facilitate access to published works for persons who are blind, visually impaired, or otherwise print disabled
It lays down for the first time the necessary exceptions and means of limitation in order to allow under certain circumstances to copy works such as books and newspapers, newspapers, manuscripts and audio books in promising formats for the benefit of visually impaired persons. Those interested in coordinating these services and in the best financial conditions, across the borders, to help the people with these disabilities to read l
4WIPO treaty on performances and phonograms: 1996
Similar to the WIPO Treaty on Copyright and related rights in the digital environment, this treaty gives holders of performance rights and audio products possible tools to negotiate with digital platforms and new distributors, and for the first time recognizes the moral rights of performersand two categories remained not covered by this treaty and they are the producers of audiovisual performers and the rights of broadcasting organizations to be included in the Beijing Treaty later..The treaty and they are the producers of the owners of audiovisual performances and the rights of broadcasting organizations to be included in the Beijing treaty later
5Beijing treaty: (2012)
It is a special treaty on audiovisual performances and it is the treaty that grants audiovisual performers who are not completely covered by the WIPO treaty on performances and phonograms. The protection of the rights of audiovisual performers is of particular importance in the age of the Internet due to the increased opportunities for all television programmes, films and videos, and their availability through digital channels
6Rome convention for the protection of performers, producers of phonograms and broadcasting organizations: 1961:
It is the first treaty that granted at the international level a set of rights, which was later known as neighboring or similar rights. It grants neighboring rights to three categories of actors who contribute to the creation and dissemination of works, and they are performing artists such as actors, singers, dancers , musicians, music record producers, broadcasting organizations and television stations, and this agreement has received great global attention, as half of the member states of WIPO are contracting under this agreement
These treaties on copyright and related rights are designed, drafted and legislated so that all procedures relating to these rights can proceed smoothly and to ensure that all relevant creative sectors benefit from an adequate level of recognition of these rights

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