Consulates and their rolesm

achamila press- Dr.Kulwant Singh Saluja, Representative of KONA to Republic of india

Consulates and their rolesm

If the diplomatic missions represented by embassies and consulates of foreign countries are on the territory of the host country, to coordinate relations between the two countries and to conclude agreements and cooperation, but their role goes beyond that.

And because there are many roles played by the diplomatic representation (consulates) on the territory of the host country, some of them are related to the citizens of the country of the diplomatic mission itself, and some are related to the citizens of the host country and other countries, as well as what is related to cooperation between the sending country of the mission and the host country.

But we must know that there is a difference between diplomats and consuls, consuls are entrusted with more administrative work than diplomatic, so they enjoy somewhat less immunity than ambassadors or members of the diplomatic corps and play very important roles.

Consular duties and functions:
The Vienna Convention regulating diplomatic missions and consulates in 1963 applies according to an excellent pattern in regulating the work of diplomatic missions.

The roles of consuls and consulates are in the following:

First: protecting the interests of their countries.

Second: Encouraging friendly relations with the host country in terms of trade, economics, social, as well as cultural terms (the cultural center for example).

Third: Taking care of the interests of the nationals of the sending country (issuing and renewing passports, birth documents, looking after the interests of minors….etc).

Fourth: Taking care of the interests of the host country in the sending country, such as issuing entry visas for tourism, education, treatment, as well as immigration.

Fifth: Follow up on agreements and related documents.

And many other activities that make consular missions very important

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