World health day is celebrated on 7 April every year

achamila press- Dr. Kulwant singh saluja, KONA ambassador to Republic of india

World health day is celebrated on 7 April every year. World health day is being celebrated on 7 April Thursday in 2022. This year, the theme of world health day 2022 has been set as “inferior plot, inferior health”. World health organization (who) was established in 1948. World health day is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of health and mark the outstanding contribution of our doctors. Health is vital for human happiness and well – being. Health life is very important for the advancement of any nation. Healthy people contribute to economic growth as healthy people live longer and work more.
World health day program
World health day, prior to world health day, campaign like world malaria day, world tobacco prohibition day, world AIDS day, world blood donor day, world hepatitis day and world tuberculosis day, etc. World health day is celebrated every year to draw attention to the health of all people around the world. Since hu was founded in 1948, it also signifies the anniversary of the birth of hu
Importance of world health day
They auger every welfare scheme to keep human beings healthy globally. According to who, there are over 13 million deaths worldwide every year due to environmental reasons. It involves climate crisis, which is the greatest threat to health before humanity. Hence, climate crisis is also a health crisis. Many workk by the world health organisation on this day

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