Working women between reality and hope

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 Working women between reality and hope

 It is common for the housewife to respond with sadness and regret regarding the quality of her work by saying that I do not do bad, because I am a housewife, and accordingly, the woman sees fulfilling herself by obtaining a job that will achieve the required economic independence for her

 All societies seek to increase women’s job opportunities by providing a comprehensive package of services that base their employment policies on appropriate empowerment programs, including the tendency to work in the vocational and technical education sector, as it is the most needed to absorb the labor force, unlike academic education in which unemployment abounds

 Accordingly, plans and strategies give women the necessary care within the sustainable development goals, since the health, well-being and maturity of women reflect the health, safety and progress of society

 Rules for women’s work in Islam

 The work should be in accordance with the nature of the woman and her femininity and be consistent with her tender nature

 – That it does not conflict with her obligations towards her home

 – Commitment to hijab and Islamic dress

 – Avoid mixing with men, and if it is necessary to mix, she must take into account the rules of Islamic law in dealing with non-mahram men, such as avoiding being alone and limiting her dealings with them as much as needed

 Challenges facing women’s work

 1- On the level of self

 Determining the educational level of women at a specific ceiling due to traditional ideas contributes to women’s ignorance of themselves, their rights and duties

 The guilt complex makes the working woman a possible prey with an obsession with the conflict of roles through the inability to reach the correct equation to achieve the required balance between the local community, work, children, and self, and to support cooperation and true partnership with the husband

  2on the work front

 Employers’ symptoms about hiring women or assigning them to work below their educational level because of their need for more vacations than men

  3At the community level

 – Society’s exclusion of working women and their diminishing role in building the family and society because of the folklore, customs and traditions

 Society’s aversion to women joining non-traditional specialties or joining specializations to work outside the country

 The situation of women in general has not yet been fixed, as the challenges are more than what has been mentioned

 Advantages of women’s work

 The working woman is the most successful in achieving a balance between her obligations due to her acquiring multiple skills by constantly receiving information and updates and her ability to organize time

 Dealing with a policy of quality and not quantity, as the working mother is sufficient for her to spend a relatively short time with her children, influencing them and interacting with her

 Whisper in listening ears

 A woman’s tears are worth a lot and cost little

 A woman’s modesty is more attractive than her beauty

 A man’s age is as he feels, and a woman’s age is as she looks

                  Be gentle with ladies

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